BHSN or GWCC 2012?? Pros and Cons to programs?

  1. Hi Everyone! Since most people are getting their letters from the Connecticut Community Colleges today, I would love to ask for wisdom as to choosing which program to attend if you were accepted to Bridgeport Hospital as well. Do graduating students seem to be better prepared from one or the other, and does anyone know how employers look upon them? Anything that you could add that you might think pertinent would be much appreciated...I am sure, by many! Thanks
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  3. by   Ellis19
    BHSN hands down, you get a much better clinical experience being in a hospital based program. It is a well respected program and known for being intense and producing competent nurses. You will most likely have a better chance of getting a hospital job (if that is want you want) from BHSN over the community colleges.
  4. by   Rooskenator
    I picked BHSN over GW without hesitation and I live about 1 mile from the new GWCC they just built I might be biased though because I want to do acute care when I am done & Bridgeport is a hospital based program in an acute care setting. Also, I like the schedule better, the fact that Bridgeport Hospital has the only burn center in CT & I'll get experience with that, and I just got a much better vibe from the staff there. I am a very type A person and BHSN just seemed to fit what I was looking for as far as being well organized, receptive to all of my questions and just really had their you-know-what together
  5. by   Ellis19
    Well organized.... ? They have you fooled there! While they are not completely disorganized, they certainly have room for improvement. I will admit they have recently made steps towards improvement. . . They added an online program that allows you to get notes and messages, you won't have to wait for grades to be posted on a wall like we did.

    They do know what they are talking about and you will certainly learn a lot and be very prepared when it comes to clinical skills and knowledge. The new director has made significant changes and the new instructors bring some new perspectives and have helped improve some of the way things are done.

    Congrats on getting in. Study hard and take every opportunity you get to learn new things.