BHSN Fall 2011 - looking to network - page 2

Hi everyone! I'm Molly - new to the forum and will be attending the nursing program at Bridgeport Hospital this fall! I'll be relocating from Eastern CT and I am very excited to move and start... Read More

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    Me tooo!! Whoop whoop!
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    Hey all,

    I know you're already in & it's killing me to wait until the open house to try & find out some of this info, so I thought I'd get your input... Do you know how they weight who they accept? My dilemma is whether to apply at the beginning of Sept with a B- in Chem or wait until December after fall classes when I've taken an easier intro to Chem (CHE111) and gotten an A? Other grades they'd be looking at are A&PI and II- both A's, Microbiology A, Stats B, TEAS 85.9

    What do you think? I'm afraid that if I wait until December when my Chem grade is better, that they would've already seen a ton of good applicants and filled their seats up. Any info would be appreciated!
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    I would say go ahead and apply I had similar stats and got in with no problem
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    Hi all, my name is Jim and I will also be starting this fall at BHSN. WOOT!! Grats to all of us who got in, I can barely contain my excitement at this point.

    If any of you want to add me to facebook my e-mail should be in my profile, feel free to add me as a FB friend.

    Again, WOOT for us!!!

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