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Started a new thread, since the other threads on this topic look like they are from last year. Okay, I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!! I was going totally mental with... Read More

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    Hello Ladybug15 I was trying to reply to your private message but was unable to.. I still haven't received anything from BHSN I called on 2/18 and was told the committee was reviewing my application and I called the office yesterday and was told the same thing :-( why are they taking so long? Oh gosh! this is awful!! I really hope to hear from them soon. I know BHSN have a TEAS exam scheduled for the remaining applicants for mid March so they might be waiting on those results before sending out any acceptance letters.. Wish me luck!

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    Aww… you may be right about them waiting for some more TEAS scores to come in. Well, I'm still rooting for you! :redpinkhe

    I know of one other person who had all their requirements submitted roughly a week prior to me, and they haven't heard back either. They received the same response as you. How frustrating!

    Well, keep us updated!

    Regarding the PM, you need a minimum of 15 posts in order to send out private messages.

    I'm surprised not many others on AN have responded to this thread… there must be more than 5 people on this board that have applied this year. Maybe most BHSN hopefuls have yet to find this wonderful forum.
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    I'll keep you posted hopefully I will hear from BHSN by the end of next week...
    Have a wonderful day!:heartbeat
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    I am registered to take the TEAS at BHSN on March 13, 2010. I mailed my application a few weeks prior to the Feb deadline. I received confirmation and then the e-mail stating the date for the TEAS. I was hoping that it was sooner but I guess I have more time to study since I bought the book from ATI. I have applied to NYU too but BHSN is my first choice. I have a BS degree as well I have noticed that there aren't many BHSN hopefuls on this site.
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    Hi there! Glad to hear someone else on here has also applied! We definitely can't be the only ones since I heard that there are about 600 applicants.

    Best of luck to you! The TEAS isn't too difficult. Just make sure that you watch the time on the Math section. I ran out of time because I didn't realize how many questions there were going to be in such a short period of time. Also, I would suggest googling natural science websites pertaining to plate tectonics (divergence, convergence, lateral slipping), rocks (sedimentary vs igneous, etc), clouds, and food chain (primary, secondary, etc). The ATI book barely touches on the science. I think maybe one question I had on the exam was seen in the ATI book. I just happened to quickly review basic natural science info via data pulled off of various websites and I managed to score a 100 on the section! Also make sure to review basic AP1&2 material and chem. I don't think any of the material I had used covered any of the AP questions, they were so obscure. Hopefully you may recall the topics from your AP class.

    What are your reasonings for picking BHSN over NYU as your first choice? Tuition? I originally applied to Fairfield, but during my interview it was mentioned that the total cost would be about $50k. I just couldn't afford something like that given my current loans from my B.S. degree. I had also looked into Pace since I currently live in the city. However, that also seemed quite pricey.
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    Hi Ladybug15 / and other BHSN hopefuls,

    I've read all your posts they are so helpful, thank you for the additional study information. I am originally from NYC, I have been living in CT for the past 10 years though. I too owe over $40,000 from my undergrad education in criminal justice but at this point were going to be in debt forever , I would like to get an R.N. then Masters as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Already having a Bachelors we have so many options and truthfully I did consider Fairfield University. I guess that I just want to get an R.N. first then apply to the other schools for the Masters. I've taken Microbiology B-, and Chemistry this semester. I plan to take API session I, APII session II in the summer accelerated. I do have an AP book from my friend that I will study for the TEAS. I am very nervous since I applied near the deadline and everything is hanging on the TEAS. Do you plan to go further in your nursing education? ie Masters degree? Do you work now or plan to work in nursing school? Right now I'm not working but I may have to work part-time in the future. I also have a CNA license.
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    Glad you found the information in this thread helpful! I applied near the end of the deadline as well, but I submitted all of the requirements at once, including my TEAS score. I used a proctor to take the TEAS, which allowed me to take it as early as possible. I had a day to read over the ATI study material. I mainly concentrated on the math and english sections. All the material that will be on the exam within those two sections are covered in the ATI book. Hopefully this info will help you in your studying. Let us know how the exam goes!

    I think we have similar plans. I am also concerned with just getting the R.N. first. I'm interested in working in cardiac ICU afterwards, but from what I hear it may take a little bit of experience first before I land a job in an ICU. I definitely want to get my Master's; however, I am not sure if I want to shoot for CRNA or Family NP. I am really interested in the diagnostic side of things, but then again, I am also fascinated by anesthesiology. I'm sure I'll have a better idea of what will suit me after going through clinical rotations. Not to mention, if I don't end up with stellar grades in nursing school then I can count out getting into a CRNA program. Are you planning on working for a little bit first before continuing on for your Master's? Perhaps working while going to school part-time?

    I am not currently working. I was laid off in September from banking and have been on unemployment since. I just found out that my unemployment benefits will be extended for another 20 weeks, which will take me through the entire summer. I hope to have found a job by then so I can work throughout school, possibly a flexible bartending position.

    In regards to student loan debt, I am up to my ears! I keep hoping to win the Mega but it hasn't happened yet!
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    I was laid off last year as well from the insurance industry, but I got a letter for an additional 53 weeks of unemployment, maybe I should call them it could be a typo I guess were both night owls as, I am trying to get through the math section of the ATI book. It's a great math refresher, even though I took college algebra and statistics a few years ago. It's good to know that the ATI book covers the math and english section thoroughly, no surprises like the GRE test I took in October.

    Wow, you reviewed in one day, but it was worth it since you've already received your acceptance letter. I wonder how long after the exam before they start to notify the rest of us. I like mental health very much so I don't think it would be too hard to get a Master's. As you stated cardiology is a great major as well, and anesthesiology would require steady grades in nursing school. I will definitely let you all know how the test goes, hope to meet you in the Fall.
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    Definitely a night owl too! I find that my brain is more alert at night. Also, the fact that we are both unemployed might have something to do with it. Wow, 53 weeks! That's awesome! I wouldn't question it.

    I am super annoyed right now. I am typing this on my iPhone because our entire area just had a cable outage. I really despise Time Warner! I just hope they fix it before I wake up. I can live without cable but not Internet as well!

    Yes! Looks like cable is back on. They definitely worked quickly. I'm gonna jump off my phone now.

    Hope to meet you in the Fall as well. Keep us posted and good luck studying.
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    Did you guys happen to see the news post regarding the shooting of a nurse at Danbury Hospital?? How terrible!

    This is the story…
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