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Started a new thread, since the other threads on this topic look like they are from last year. Okay, I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!! I was going totally mental with... Read More

  1. by   Ladybug15
    Lol...You make me laugh. Here's hoping for something more exciting than junk and bills this week! :heartbeat Have you tried calling the secretary again to see if they are still reviewing your file?? Perhaps they may tell you they just mailed it out!
  2. by   SaraStrong
    Oh my god, I understand the nerves of everyone waiting for a letter! I just received my acceptance yesterday. Hopefully I will be seeing every one of you this Fall. For those of you who are still waiting, I did call a few times. I didn't wanna bug them but I couldn't restrain myself. They are very nice, but basically say that you just have to be patient.
  3. by   benedicth2
    Southern said they will send out leters the week after spring break so like 3 weeks from now....and yea ive heard ppl that arent happy with the program at all and then ppl that really like it. So i dunno if i get in ill give it a try and let u know lol
  4. by   SaraStrong
    What I'm really curious about is who out of you guys has taken public speaking?? My worst fear in the world is public speaking, even something as small as introductions. It's what I'm worried about most in nursing school, which is ridiculous. Any advice/information?
  5. by   Ladybug15
    I took a public speaking course in high school... but I don't know if that will count. I also took COMS 101, but it wasn't specifically public speaking... more of a general understanding of communications course. I hope they accept that and I won't have to take it! I've done so much public speaking at work and I'm not very fond of it, either. I took a negotiations course through my job and it was brutal! Perhaps I can get some kind of credit for that too... but who knows.

    It can be very nerve wracking the first few times you have to get up to give a presentation, but after a while it becomes much easier. The thing I found that helped is to try not to overanalyze what you are going to do when you get up there, else it can make you really nervous. I found preparing for things makes it worse for me. If you gave me a topic with no notice I could easily get up there and rattle off some things with ease because I didn't have enough time to build up any anxiety over it. If it is something you have to prepare for however, repetition always helps; slipping up the words would be one less thing to worry about.
  6. by   Ladybug15
    jdoll - I have't heard from anyone who has receive a waiting letter yet. For some reason I think they send out all the acceptance letters first before mailing out letters for those on the waiting list.

    benedicth - 3 weeks isn't too terrible. You'll probably hear back from BHSN before that. Good luck!!
  7. by   benedicth2
    i have taken 2 public speaking classes (intro to com and professional presentations) They really arent bad at all. Im not a fan of public speaking and I did fine. All you have to do is try and as long as youve let ur professor know that it makes you really uncomfortable they will work with you to make it so ur presentations are as painfree as possible. Plus there really arent that many presentations. In inro we did 3 real presentations and 2 kinda stupid just stand up and introduce yourself/ talk about something you like to do sort of deals and into professional presentations I think we did 4 the whole semester.
  8. by   Ladybug15
    Benedicth - Do you think they will accept my COMS 102-Process of Communication course for the public speaking requirement?
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  9. by   benedicth2
    proabably....they are very lenient from my experience. My a+p classes r only worth 3 cr. cause southern is cool like that and is the only school in ct that does that and BHSN said that they would accept them. I did a credit transfer thing online for southern and used the housatonic community college public speaking class and looked to see what it would transfer to southern as and it goes as just com 100 so i think as long as you have a decent grade in any com class they will take it.
  10. by   benedicth2
    so this may sound silly but for all of you who got accepted did it come in a normal envelope? was it thick or was it just like one peice of paper?? im not gonna be home to get the mail for about a week and i told my mom to call me if anything came and i wanna be the one to open it so yea let me know lol
  11. by   Ladybug15
    That's good to know, thanks! Did you talk to admissions or the secretary when asking about the credits they would accept?

    The letter came in a normal business sized envelope and it was 2 pages. The second page is double sided, so you can see the text through the back of envelope if you look closely.
  12. by   Ladybug15
    If your mom receives the letter when you are away, just ask her if she can see text through the envelope and if she thinks it is more than one page thick. That should give you a good indication that you've been accepted so you aren't going crazy waiting to open it.
  13. by   benedicth2
    lol thanks and about the credit transfer i went to one of the academic advisement/info sessions and i asked someone there and they sat down with me and looked at it and said they would use it