BHSN-Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing Fall 2011 - page 50

Started a new thread, since the other threads on this topic look like they are from last year. Okay, I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!! I was going totally mental with... Read More

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    Seeeeeeeeeeeeee I knew you would get in.

    Those are the same questions that have been boggling my mind. There is suppose to be info given to us in May. I guess that's when we will hear everything.

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    May seems about 15 years away right now

    I can't wait!!!!!
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    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone else has been waitlisted. I looked through all 50 pages it seems as if some people do get in from the waitlist it just takes a while. I have all A's in my classes and a 4.0 gpa with a BA in psychology but I got a sucky 61 on my TEAS so now im in the loser boat waiting. I applied to gateway and await their response and NVCC respiratory program as a back up. I hope to hear anyones input who have been on my shoes or what I should do! Thanks everyone!
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    Hi everyone

    Just found out today I was accepted! I applied back in november and have been waiting forever to hear back! I cant wait to see you all in the fall!!
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    Hi everyone! This has been a really informative post! Thank you. I attend Three Rivers CC right now, and since all the CC are connected, does anyone know if I can use my credits there to get my ADN after? I can't find any information out on there on that, but I'm assuming that all the courses are the same, that the answer would be yes.

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