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Started a new thread, since the other threads on this topic look like they are from last year. Okay, I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!! I was going totally mental with anxiety, checking this board... Read More

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    allforthekids I have been following your posts, I reaaaaaaaaaly hope you get in. Keep me posted.

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    Thanks, me too!! I am very frustrated with NVCC, they sent an email to check mycommnet because they posted the page that states if we are missing anything or not. Well it says I am missing a transcript from my old college, but I know that it was sent to them a few weeks ago. Then it says that anything missing has to be sent to them by Feb 1st, and at the bottom of the email it says not to call the school if we see anything is missing, wth??? At least when I call bhsn they answer and are very helpful. If I get into both, I think NVCC is making my decision easier
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    Well I received the letter that lets me know what may be missing in my application and it says that I am missing my teas, even though I spoke to someone a few weeks ago and she said they had it:icon_roll. Oh well, I just emailed them to let them know. So hopefully they find it fast, I'm getting antsy
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    Just got an email saying that they have my TEAS score and that my application is being reviewed, ahhh, I'm really nervous now. There is only one thing that is making me nervous and that is my essay, everything else I have is good, great references, my gpa is 3.96 (A- in Eng Lit, everything else A's), Teas score was 81.3, taking A&P 2 and Micro now. I am praying that I get accepted. Sorry, rambling, just really nervous, oh well seems I'm the only one posting lately,lol..Anyone else waiting??
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    I'm waiting too!!! Haven't even gotten my letter saying what they have/don't have yet. My essay also makes me nervous. Have taken:
    A&P I: A
    A&P II: A
    Micro: A
    Chem: A
    Calculus: C (I know, I know. It's from my undergrad. Should've just taken MAT 137 over again to replace it.)
    Psych: AP credit
    Eng I: AP credit
    Eng II: B+
    Public Speaking: B+
    TEAS V: 87.3

    My undergrad GPA is pretty unimpressive, so hopefully this is enough to make up for it & they actually have all of my stuff. Also applied to GWCC, but if given the option I think I'd choose BHSN even though I live .3 miles from GWCC. Also, I've been a stay-at-home mommy for a few years now, so my previous employment is probably not as strong as others either & they tend to look at the whole picture.

    Who all has heard back so far??
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    Your grades look really good, your lucky you have A&P II and Micro under your belt, I'm taking those two now. I've been a stay at home mom to 5 for the last 12 years and my last job I was a receptionist, so I hope they don't look down on that. I don't know about you, but being a stay at home mom is a 24/7 job, the hardest job I have ever had and I believe that it has prepared me to be the best nurse possible
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    I wholeheartedly agree!!! (Especially if you have 5) That is amazing that you have time to care for 5 children AND do your nursing pre-requ's. It was hard enough with one, I can't even imagine doing this with 5 kiddos. And that's pretty brave to do A&P and Micro at the same time. I spread them out to lessen my pain Good luck allforthekidds!!! Hopefully we'll be classmates next year!
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    So..... I got an acceptance letter in the mail dated Jan 31st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO ecstatic right now, I feel so great and I am excited to say I will be joining all you other luck guys/ girls in the fall
    I guess the hard part of getting in is over, now all we have to do is hold our ground til the NCLEX

    Congrats to everyone else that has heard back and good luck on your journey:spin:

    SN: I'm hoping to do the Accelerated Program, anyone heard of the pace and what to expect if you are accepted to the accelerated program?

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    Congratulations to all those accepted into Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing for Fall 2012, See you there!!! Can't wait
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    OK, so this may be a little bit psycho... but I just read through all 49 pages of this thread. I got my acceptance letter today & am DYING for any and all info. A lot of you have posted a ton of scheduling/accelerated option/books info & it has been SUCH a huge help!

    Questions for any of the students from the fall of 2010 class (if you are still reading): Did you get hired by Bridgeport? Does anyone know if they still do the 2 year contracts? If you are going into a BSN bridge program, when can you start applying to those if you went to BHSN? And lastly, when to you sit for the NCLEX?

    A lot of questions, I know, but I can hardly contain myself Any and all comments and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.

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