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Hi All, I thought I would start a new topic for those of us who are planning to apply to BHSN's Nursing program for the Fall 2013. I will get things started with my stats (which aren't... Read More

  1. by   trixieteal
    I bought some new books on amazon and the rest I bought used either on amazon or eBay. My Fundamentals of Nursing book is the 6th edition - I've started the reading assignments and found out that the pages do not match up after chapter 1 (grrrrr) but I found the table of contents for the new edition on the publishers website. The only major difference is that some of the chapters were rearranged. This is a silly question but does anyone know if the school has a library w copies of the textbooks....
  2. by   trixieteal
    The assignment really isn't clear....I am going to do the exercises from pgs 24-27 and 114-116.
    The doc that was posted on sonisweb just says to complete the practice questions using dimensional analysis and lists the required reading. The handout that we got at orientation says to complete the questions on pgs 24-27. "Dimensional Analysis" is part of chapter 3 (pgs 76-77, 95-104) so I am assuming complete the practice questions on 114-116 as well.......
  3. by   JustMe28
    Thanks, I was hoping i wouldnt have to do 24-27. No clue about the library but im sure you can take a look at someones book in class maybe see what the pg differences are. Ive decided to rent the Nursing in todays world book, i just dont think we will need it after this semester.
  4. by   H-Elizabeth
    Hey guys! Just we wear our scrubs the 1st day of class (sept 3rd)? Or can we wear regular clothes? Does anyone know?
  5. by   JustMe28
    We only need to wear our uniforms on the days we have lab and clinical. I believe Tuesday will just be lecture.
  6. by   ARenee13
    Lab group A&B have lab the first day.
  7. by   JustMe28
    Looks like all lab groups have lab tuesday. So i guess everyone should be wearing uniforms tuesday?
  8. by   trixieteal
    I don't think that we have to wear our uniforms the first week until Th/F for clinical. The lab groups are meeting in the auditorium on Tuesday or Wednesday and I believe this is just a lecture. You can wear scrubs or your lab jacket when it says NAL on the schedule (NAL is the lab). That is how I interpreted the schedule...
  9. by   H-Elizabeth
    Ohh so even if we have lab this Tuesday, we don't have to wear scrubs?!
  10. by   MR1970
    Hey everyone.
    I sent an email to ask about when to wear uniforms during our first week.
    This was their response...

    You should be in uniform the first week. You have a professional communications lab on either Sept 3rd or 4th. Wear your uniform on the day you attend professional communications lab and on your clinical day.
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