BHSN: Applying to Bridgeport Hosp for Fall 2012 - page 2

Hey everybody, That time of year is coming soon... Anyone else out there applying to BHSN this fall? Best of luck to all! :up:... Read More

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    I am applying for the day program starting fall 2012. I just submitted my application and waiting for my transcripts to be sent to the school. Does anyone know how soon it takes to hear back that they recieved your application and when you get your teas test date?
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    A friend of mine who just started this fall said he heard back from them about 3 weeks after his application was submitted but he didn't apply early like us. He recieved options for teas test dates at that time too. I contacted them for myself and I just have to wait for one recommendation and they said then they will send out teas test date options.
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    has anyone heard back yet?? sent in my application about 2 weeks ago and still waiting on a letter confirming my app and teas test dates!
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    I plan on applying to BHSN and gateway, i think they both require teas V
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    Anyone else apply to any other schools also? I 've applied to BHSN and NVCC. Also, anyone else send in most of their stuff separately? I had my TEAS score, high school transcript and two of my references were all sent separately. I'm nervous something will be lost once there.
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    Yes, my transcripts and letters of recommendation were all sent separately. I applied the first week of January & haven't heard back yet, but didn't expect to hear back until some time in February. Has anyone else who applied in January heard back yet? Who else applied and got in?? I want to hear some good news from you guys!!
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    As of Monday, my application is in review. Good luck to you, hopefully we hear soon:spin:
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    Nice!!!!! Hopefully you'll hear back in a few weeks. As my toddler says, "bingers cwossed!"
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    That is so cute. "bingers cwossed" guys. I hope you hear soon but both your stats are good. You'll make it
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    Doing the happiest happy dance everI just got my acceptance letter to bhsn!! So excited!!
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    Rooskenator, hope you hear something soon
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    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! doing the happy dance, I've been pulling for you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
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    See you in September. Congrats!!!

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