265 Questions on NCLEX and good pop up

  1. Hi everyone. I took NCLEX yesterday and had all 265 questions. Lucky me, huh? I left there feeling no doubts that I did indeed failed. Nonetheless, I did the PVT trick and have gotten the good pop up every single time I tried it between yesterday and today. I have done a lot of research and not one post has said they got a false positive or negative with the trick. Hwever, my name is not showing active on the CT dept of health website yet either. A friend of mine took it in mass yesterday at the same time and her name is showing as active on the MA website. Any idea how long it takes to show on the CT website?
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    Don't forget you tested yesterday..and today is a weekend, there isn't anyone at the CT BON that's why its not posted with you being an active licensed RN. CT doesn't grant a license number as soon as your test is a PASS.

    I tested on a Friday found out w/quick results on that Sunday and my license number was posted on the CT BON as my license granted as the date I took the NCLEX..but it wasn't on the BON site until that Monday or Tuesday. My friends daughter tested on 7/15 and her license shows it was granted on the 18th but like mine didn't show up for a couple of days.

    I'd say yours will show up sometime next week..probably around monday or tuesday. Congrats!
  4. by   ProudTwinMom
    CTPixie, my exam was Thursday around 2pm! Do you think that matters? What do you think about the PVT? Do you think it is reliable! From every post I read it seems so!!I am just so anxious!
  5. by   CT Pixie
    I have no idea about the PVT I didn't know about it when I took mine. Seems like everyone said its accurate.

    If you took it at 2p on Thursday why not do the Quick Results? It should be up and ready to view your results now...THAT will tell you 100%
  6. by   ProudTwinMom
    I passed. Whoooohoooooo!!! I did the quick results and found out. I am o relieved. and that PVT trick is no joke
  7. by   CT Pixie
    Did you check the CT BON for your name it might be there now with a licene number. But don't fret if its not there yet, it might take a couple days.
  8. by   ProudTwinMom
    still nothing on the CT BON site. what in the world is going on???? so frustrating!!
  9. by   workinmomRN2012
    Hi Ladies,
    I didn't want to sound stupid asking but, here is goes...what is the PVT trick??
  10. by   CT Pixie
    Quote from milfordmom
    Hi Ladies,
    I didn't want to sound stupid asking but, here is goes...what is the PVT trick??
    Don't feel stupid! The Pearson Vue Trick is a way to see if you passed/failed prior to the quick results being available. I had no idea about it when I took my NCLEX in '08. So I'm no expert on how to do it. I'm sure the OP can tell you about it. And I found this link from AN explaining it

  11. by   ProudTwinMom
    Hi there, Were you able to read about it on the link? Basically what it is, is that after you take NCLEX you can try to reregister to take the exam again. If you get a pop that takes you right to the credit card page it means you failed, if you get another pop up that says another registration cant be made at this time, please contact blah blah, it means you passed. The trick was accurate for me because I thought for sure I failed. I read ever link, thread, website on it possible and could not find anyone that said it was not accurate for them. Hope this helps.