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The stories I've heard from people going there have suddenly become quite appalling! I've always respected CU as a school with very high standards in their nursing program, although the institution seemed a little too proud of... Read More

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    CU College of Nursing is serious about the education of our students. Further we care about the satisfaction of our students and clinical partners.

    In the Denver area, schools and colleges obtain space for and place students in clinical agencies using a centralized scheduling system. Placements are not determined by individual colleges. There are times that agencies have to cancel pre-arranged placements at the last minute. Frequently, this is due to agency staffing issues where patient safety is first and foremost. Although the circumstances are beyond our control, we at the CU College of Nursing realize this wreaks havoc in our student’s lives. We regret these circumstances and move quickly to find alternative clinical placements. Fortunately, this has happened to very few students.

    Despite the challenges, clinical placements at the CU College of Nursing have been provided for all scheduled clinical courses and there have been no delays in student progression to anticipated graduation date. We hope that nurses and nursing students will choose to get the facts and investigate the issues before choosing to believe that schools, their staff or educators don’t care.
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    I work on the CU Anschutz Campus and am applying to the accelerated program for spring 2014. The campus is pretty new and the expansion of the University hospital to double their beds probably means they need to work on placing a lot of qualified and solid staffing to ensure the same quality of care throughout the hospital. I bet that impacts who gets placed where because it kind of messes up the works until everything gets stabilized as far as healthcare goes at the new wing of the hospital. I am sure once the new VA is finished and everybody moves into the news wings at bout Children's and University Hospital, then things will slowly get to a more normal state.
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    Thanks for making this aware to the public. CU has been trying to keep this quiet for a couple years now. As a current student set to graduate this May, I think it's important to spread awareness about this program and its true colors.

    This forum has but barely touched on one of the major issues of the program. Not only is clinical placement a huge issue but education itself is extremely subpar. "Top 15" in the country should be illegal to say as the school acquires it's ranking based on grant money the medical campus receives as well as a few other non-related factors. By far UNC and Regis have the best programs in the state.

    Considering the curriculum, we haven't learned anything for the last couple semesters. We are supposed to take the NCLEX here soon and haven't learned any pharmacology since the first few months of the problem. The material is dull, there are one or two worthy professors, and the coursework is busy monotonous work which is arbitrary to your learning. It feels like we are just paying for the degree and not the education. If you like to learn, if you like to challenge yourself, this program isn't for you as you will feel extremely limited.

    We are treated like children and that anything that goes wrong is our fault. One of the males in the class was nearly kicked out of the program because his wife went into labor and had to be late to data mine for the next day, which wasn't at all important. Others have unfortunately been dismissed from the program for other emergencies.

    Nobody advocates for you after the first month of school. Once you are in, you are forgotten. "Don't get financial aid this semester? Sorry we ran out but you need a private loan by next week or you must take a year off." Constant threats. "Can't make the 5 minute dosage calculation test by tomorrow because your kid is in the hospital? You should have planned ahead". We shouldn't have to pay so much money to be treated like this.

    As discussed, the worst part of the program is clinical placement. Allison the clinical coordinator is so unprofessional that she should receive an award for it. Not just for our practicum placements but for other clinicals as well. Despite what you request, if you aren't buddy buddy with her, you're voice doesn't matter. And if you get on her bad side, she speaks negatively about you to other hospitals as well as staff so be careful. She will tell you that she has no placement for your request but then give that last spot to one of her favorites.

    Never before have my classmates and myself been part of such a terrible education system. You can never count on them as they always let you down. Just like CU Boulder, they are known for being underachieving.

    Dont count on them to advocate for you. We are taught to be quiet.

    An education program should want you to succeed

    I should have listened to Regis and UNC faculty when they warned me...
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    It's been my experience that a lot of students are incredibly unprofessional and unprepared when they come to their clinical rotation. And this is not limited to UCDenver - seen it in Regis students as well.

    I find it difficult to believe that any criticism or fault is entirely on the institution.
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    Quote from klone
    I'm pretty sure that UCH places CU Denver students at their facility before any other schools (meaning UC Denver students have priority over other schools). I'm guessing that if there is a moratorium on placement in the CC units of UCH, it will end after the new tower opens and there's been a transition period there. I don't blame them for wanting to curtail clinical placements while things are in utter chaos.
    Klone, that is not necessarily true. I work at UCH and if you work there as a CNA or ACP, no matter what school you graduate from, they will most likely hire you. It's a matter of networking and getting to know the right people. UCH is also obligated to hire out of state new grads as well if they want to maintain their Magnet status. So implying that UCH considers UC Denver students as a priority over other schools is simply untrue. If anything, I've seen them hire more DSN new grads than any other new grads out there.
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    I'm not talking about hiring (nor was the OP), I'm talking about clinical placements for their nursing school. Because their school is affiliated with UCH, their students get priority with placement before other schools.
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    Couldn't agree more with you NursDenver.

    I was also a student there. Before I entered the program, I didn't believe all of the negativity I was hearing. However shortly after the first few months, realizations about the program surfaced. CU-Boulder, Denver were voted in the top 15 underperforming universities in the nation, and this program wasn't an exception.

    Luckily I decided to leave CU's program and was accepted into a few others. Currently I'm at Regis and don't regret my decision to leave one bit. Unfortunately a few of my friends are still in CU's nursing program and don't even want to attend graduation.

    Hopefully they get a new clinical coordinator or hire some more people to help them out. Maybe even make the curriculum tolerable. Don't they realize these poor students are paying them money???
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    Quote from CU CollegeofNursing
    CU College of Nursing is serious about the education of our students...Although the circumstances are beyond our control, we at the CU College of Nursing realize this wreaks havoc in our studentís lives. We regret these circumstances and move quickly to find alternative clinical placements. Fortunately, this has happened to very few students....
    Haha what a joke. Very few??? How about most of the students.
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    This really strikes me to hear about these issues, really wondering if CU is the place for me..

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