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Hi everyone! Who else has submitted their application? Due date was October 15th. I did not realize that an invitational only interview was required! I wish they gave more advanced noticed... Read More

  1. by   eando
    thanks for the info! Just knowing the names of these neighborhoods are a great help, I am so clueless and google maps can be difficult to tell sometimes!

    I have heard that Aurora is not the best place to live in. Trying to decide if I would rather live super close to campus or live a bit further out... I wonder how our class schedules will be like, but I imagine they will be pretty early everyday
    anyways, have you planned when you will move out to colorado?
  2. by   WoundedBird
    I will confirm that Aurora isn't the greatest in the are surrounding UCH. The nicer parts are in the southeast portion of the city (Southlands that I mentioned earlier is in that area). There are two neighborhoods just west of UCH that are newer and on the nicer / safer side, but they're mostly houses (at least when I moved away ~18mo ago). Stapleton is to the west and northwest and Lowry is to the southwest. Stapleton is built where DIA use to be and Lowry is built on the former Lowry AFB and there are some buildings that are in the old hangars. (Both of these neighborhoods are in the area of Colfax and Quebec roughly if that helps at all...not sure if it does). I would also recommend trying to stay away from Montbello too.

    If there are any other neighborhood questions, just ask. I lived downtown for two years, by the airport for another two, and worked all over the metro Denver area.
  3. by   hsant
    eando, have you found an apartment?
  4. by   eando

    no i haven't yet ><
  5. by   eando
    thank you so much for posting this information for us!
  6. by   WoundedBird
    No problem! I wish I could have remembered the name of the decent apartment complexes that our USAF buddies lived in (and the bad ones too) while we were all stationed there. Googling Buckley AFB apartments or something similar might help too since base is just a few miles east of UCH. Don't hesitate to ask about places on the area - I learned the hard way to ask around about housing in Denver. I ended up living in an OKish area downtown, however the longer I lived there the more I found reasons to miss the Soopers a block away though.

    Enjoy your time there and take a little time out to enjoy the area - there's ALWAYS something to do.
  7. by   hsant
    eando, there is an apartment complex near green valley ranch , lakecrest at gateway.
  8. by   eando
    thank you for letting me know i checked it out but i think green valley ranch is a bit too far since i don't have a car, but thank you!!
  9. by   eando
    does anybody know when the financial aid packet will arrive for the summer start program?
  10. by   oceanblue52
    Hi eando, I have been poking every corner of the CU website and believe I read something about them being issued in May. A bit tricky for us out-of-state people trying to secure loans and apartments! I'm visiting next week to look for a place and think I will stop by the campus to drop off my immunization records...maybe I can hit up the Financial Aid office too and get a more definitive answer. I'll keep you posted!
  11. by   eando
    Thank you! If you find out any info please let me know
  12. by   jldavis826
    eando and oceanblue - I emailed the financial aid office last week and they said the financial aid packages won't be available until May for us. I really wish they could do it sooner!!!!
  13. by   asthecrowflies
    To those asking about financial aid, I'm not sure if you're looking for info pertaining to federal loans or private loans -- I called the main financial aid number a few weeks ago spoke and with someone in the office who recommended that I begin applying for private loans for summer term beginning April 1st. He then emailed me a cost of attendance breakdown for summer term, which I used to apply for a Wells Fargo loan. My loans were approved and certified by the school this week. So if you are already at your Stafford loan limit and expect to have to take out private loans for all or part of summer semester, I'd suggest looking into it again -- the May financial aid package date may only apply to those eligible for federal loans.