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Just looking for information about this residency program. I know it's competitive but it seems that is all anyone can say about it. What is the starting pay? What is the commitment, if any? ... Read More

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    This will tell you all about the ACP program.

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    thank you so much
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    Hi kasperas,

    I have an interview for the program that starts at the end of Oct 2011. I'm from Oregon and I was really looking forward to the interview because I think I have a good chance, but I'm not impressed with the pay. The nurse recruiter said they start at $22.50. New grads in Oregon and SW Washington start between $25-30, but jobs here for new grad here are scarce.

    I really like the sound of the program and it seems like the new grads receive a lot of support/guidance, which I would love as a new nurse. But I don't know if it's worth it for me to move my life in Colorado to start out at 22.50, even though I would love the change of scenery. Plus cost of living in Denver is expensive, I'm sure.

    I guess my question is: how long until they give the new grads a raise in the program? And if you would advise relocating if offered the job? Thanks.

    Quote from kasperas
    I'm in it now. It is a 2 year commitment, with the official program lasting the entire first year. There is 2 weeks of orientation, then a ton of classes the first few month. Critical care has a 6 month preceptorship, Med/Surg 12 weeks. There is a financial penalty if you leave before 2 years. The amount depends on if you are critical care or Med/Surg. It deceases based on the number of hours you work, but only after your first year. Starting pay is going up from what I got for the next new grad class (lucky them), but its about the same as everywhere in Denver, as Klone said, "24ish"...
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    Hi everyone!

    I haven't seen a thread for the applicants that applied for the Feb 2012 UCH Nurse Residency Program. Has anyone been contacted or heard anything?

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    Hey KRomney!

    I just heard back from CH Colorado. They will be calling/emailing all this week either way. Good luck!!
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    Congrats again Harvinderk!

    Did they call/e-mail you today? If you don't mind me asking, how do you know they will still be calling/e-mailing more applicants this week?

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    Will they offer more residency dates for 2012? I only see February at this point.
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    Hey!! they called me on saturday. On the website it says they would be calling last week/this week. I talked to HR last week and they said everyone would find out this week either way. Fingers crossed for you

    ps. I'm from cali... know any fellow nurses in denver?
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    Hello everyone! Thank you for all your comments; they've been extremely helpful in my nurse residency program research. I have an interview with UCH in June. Can anyone give me any pointers? Thanks!

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