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Hi everyone! Who else has submitted their application? Due date was October 15th. I did not realize that an invitational only interview was required! I wish they gave more advanced noticed than October 25th in order to... Read More

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    Congrats to everyone accepted. I am still waiting for my letter, as it had to go all the way to Pennsylvania. I am really hoping to find out that I have an acceptance into the accelerated program this week!

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    Hey all, I live on the east coast and got my acceptance letter for the accelerated program on Saturday. Congrats to everyone who was accepted - looking forward to meeting you all!
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    I found out today I got offered a spot in the traditional program. I am definitely grateful and relieved ... but also pretty bummed, because I really wanted the accelerated program. I had a good interview, have (nearly) a 4.0 GPA, plus 10 yrs healthcare experience. The only thing I didn't have was a Master's degree. Best of luck to everyone still waiting. I am not sure where to go from here yet...
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    I received my letter yesterday! It was dated 11/19, but didn't reach CA til 11/26. Just like bird8, I applied to the accelerated, but was offered traditional. I'm a little bummed, but being offered a spot in the traditional is still better than waiting another year to apply! Congrats to everyone for getting in!
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    I also received my acceptance letter yesterday!! (I am from Oregon)
    Like bird8 and SuebNP I applied to the accelerated program but did not get in...
    however I am very excited and a 2 year plan may actually be better in the fact that we will have more time to take everything in; although I am worried about living expenses and out of state tuition!

    congratulations to everyone
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    Found out today I was accepted to Villanova's BSNExpress program - now to the task of choosing: CU traditional, or TJU or Villanova's accelerated! Happy
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    Does anyone know when in June the program begins?
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    hello! I'm not sure if anybody checks this thread anymore but I'm from out of state and have only visited Denver once (at interviews)
    I was wondering if anybody knows of a good place/neighborhood to live around the school.
    Thank you so much
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    If you're looking for a house and neighborhood, Green Vally Ranch out by the airport is an option and is pretty close to UCH. A little further to the east is the Southlands mall area and there are also houses there. If your heart is set in living someplace downtown, allow 30-45 minutes to get out to UCH because Colfax is nothing but lights. I can't comment on apartments in the area because the ones they're hit and miss. If you have questions about areas I might be able to help you out a little. We lived in GVR and had numerous AF friends live in Southlands and I lived in downtown Denver when I first moved there.
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    Thank you for the information! i just looked up green valley ranch, but as I don't have a car (most likely) do you think it would be a bit far?
    I am looking for an apartment since I am moving to colorado by myself, and am not sure how long I will be there (I'm sorry I should have said this in the beginning). I have researched some apartments right by the school but as you've said, most didn't have very good reviews, or they are quite expensive I will try looking more, thank you so much for the help!

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