UCH Residency July 2012

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    Anyone else get an interview with University of Colorado Hospital Residency program for July 2012 start?

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    Moved to Colorado Nurses for more response.
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    Finally got that email. It's definitely "NO!".
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    I got an interview as well! Congrats! Nervous that it's only 30 minutes... have you heard anything about the interview process? All I know is that it's a group interview with multiple hiring managers, but HR isn't able to reveal what kind of questions they ask or the specific units.
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    I got an email for an interview too, but haven't heard back on when it is. I know they start really soon, and living out of state I need to make travel arrangements. Just wondering if anyone else heard back...
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    I actually feel more comfortable in a group interview as opposed to one on one. I think we are most likely only interviewing with our top two choices. Mine were General Surgery and Acute Care Elderly. I'm flying in from Boston. Super nervous!
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    With the email I received about getting an interview, I was able to choose a date/ time for my interview. They later emailed me with a confirmation follow-up. I was told I would be getting interviewed by "med-surg" hiring managers which is my specialty of choice. The two units I picked were pulmonary/medicine and cardiac and vascular intermediate care. Hope I can prepare enough for whatever interview questions may come up! Good luck all!
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    My interview is Tuesday June 5th. They said I'd get an email about what to bring and where to park etc. but I haven't received it yet, has anyone else?
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    so how'd the interviews go? I thought mine went okay. It was not what I expected.
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    I think I could've done better. Did they ask you for your SS number and birth date?
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