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Hi, team! I'm a CVOR scrub nurse with 26 yrs of OR experience and looking to relocate to Colorado and am liking what I see on the Sky Ridge web site. I know that a web site is all the pretty stuff. Does anyone have any inside... Read More

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    I would ask them what the nurseatient ratio is like. What they are known for. nurse satisfaction and turnover rate for nurses there.
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    Thanx. I will ask. I'm looking for a position in the OR so ratio isn't that important. I hope they'll be true about employee satisfaction and attrition.
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    I would also ask what are the typical surgeries that you'll see and what your role as the nurse would be.
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    did you make the move out there? I noticed that sky ridge has quite a few openings currently in the OR. What is the pay like there? I am considering this facility as a place to move to as well as vail valley.... I want to get close to the slopes....

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