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Processing times??

  1. 0 Evening all!! :spin:

    I've check the search engine with no luck (mostly about RN school acceptance times and NCLEX completion times)

    Simple question:

    How long does it take the Colorado State Board of Nursing to process a standard CO RN application via examination for the first time??

    -2 weeks?
    -6 weeks?
    -8 weeks?
    -10 weeks? (God, I hope not...)

    If you know, you can just type in a numerical number to save yourself some time, LoL!!
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    It is different for everyone. Some people get lucky and it just takes a couple weeks. I personally had to wait 1 month to get my 'permission to test' and then when I went to register to take the NCLEX, the next appt was 3wks later.