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Platt college? - page 7

Anyone out there who attends or is about to attend platt college??... Read More

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    Quote from Raicho
    Platt has agreements with University of Phoenix plus Grand Canyon University, just to name a few off the top of my head, so when I recover from this last 2.8 years, I plan on getting my MSN from 1 of them. I think there are about 4-5 others curently, and the list is getting bigger. No one cares where you went to school or how you did. There are so few nurses with BSNs and even less with MSNs, that it is not an issue. Seeing as how I don't plan on doing my Masters fulltime at a definite location, an online program, like those mentioned above will suit me perfectly.
    Hope this helps, I'm off to my 2nd to last class of this BSN journey...
    Glad you are liking it, and it is good that you can go on and get a Master's. You said that no one cares where you get your MSN, but it does matter to some students. I personally want to go to University of Colorado Health Sciences, and that is my personal preference. I know that I could not go there if I went to Platt. U of C offers some of the best nursing MSN and PhD programs in the country. They also offer programs not offered at U of Phoenix, like pediatrics and midwifery. That matters to some people. Plus, some people want to go to UCCS for their forensics program (one of the few in the country, and the only one in Colorado) and cannot do this if they go to Platt, they won't be accepted. So Platt seems like a great school for some, but it is not for everyone. Just my
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    hi all,

    just wondering if the platt class that was set to be finished soon is done? if so, have any of you taken the nclex? how about jobs?

    i hope all is well and would love an update!!

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    Hi All,
    Sorry it has taken me a bit to update.

    I need to clarify what I meant when I said no one cares where you get your Masters. There are so many upper level nursing positions open and so few nurses who not only have the experience, but the education, that facilities are really looking more at personality, experience, skills. Those positions do require a Masters, but there are MANY nurses who are working as Directors of Nursing who have gotten their Masters from schools such as the University of Phoenix. In addition, I have been told by recruiters, that for those upper level positions, you don't necessarily need a Masters specifically in Nursing, but you do need a Masters degree. If you look at the websites and bios of the highest level nursing positions at most of the major hospitals here in Denver, there are many who have MBAs and other Masters degrees. SO just a clarification. I plan on getting a Masters in Nursing, but I also plan on going to law school and getting my MBA. We'll see in what order that actually happens.

    Also, just a heads up. I went into school planning on doing pediatric oncology or just something to do with pediatrics. I was VERY confident of that and so really looked forward to all my peds classes and Clinicals. Yeah, I pretty much hated all of it and determined that I had absolutely NO desire to do peds. Much of my class was the same. They came in with a very strong idea of where they thought they wanted to be, and completely changed their minds by the end of school. So I think it is great to have a plan and think of the future, but don't lock yourself into that. I did that in my former life, flourished for about 6 years and then realized it was not for me and floundered for the next 7 until nursing. There is something to be said for appreciating the journey, wherever it takes you, as well as the destination.

    On a completely different note, I HAVE A JOB! I have been selected for Craig Hospital's New Grad Program, starting in February (assuming I pass NCLEX). Craig does have Magnet Status so it looks like the fact that Platt is not accredited yet makes no difference. Or made no difference in my case. I will be taking the NCLEX on January 15 and will let you all know how that goes. I know of at least 3-4 other students from my class who already have jobs and we only finished on Dec. 6, so maybe we all just have really good timing? No idea. I have not heard that anyone has actually taken the NCLEX yet; I may be the first one.

    Hope this helps, again feel free to ask questions...
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    Congrats on your new job and graduation!! What is the "new grad program?" at Craigs? Will you be working as an RN there?

    Are you taking any additional courses to prepare for the NCLEX? Not to make you nervous, but do you feel fairly confident?

    How many people were in your class?

    Out of curiosity... law!? WOW! Do you plan on switching careers or incorporating them both? I haven't heard of that double combo!

    You have been very helpful in all your posts, thanks again!!!!

    Happy (almost) NEW YEAR!
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    Why did the National League of Nurses drop Platt College in Aurora from their group. All that is left is the national accreditation from The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT), and my understanding of accreditation is as follows:

    The main issue is the transferability of credits from one institution to another. While nationally accredited institutions will usually accept credit from regionally or nationally accredited institutions, regionally accredited schools often do not accept credit from nationally accredited institutions.This also means that if you hold an Associate's degree from a nationally accredited school, you may have to start over if you later decide to pursue a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited school. Similarly, if you hold a nationally accredited Bachelor's degree, you may not be eligible to enter a Master's program at some regionally accredited institutions. Considering that state colleges and universities are regionally accredited, and are an inexpensive local option for many students, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

    So Platt is 60,000.00 plus and 3 1/2 years from what I am reading. This is crazy. Why would anyone go here. The school needs to prove viability through volume. Please someone share with me how many nclex passes the school has had per class. Also I would like to know how many people stayed in each graduating class from the beginning. The information I am getting already is narrowing my choices between National American University and Denver School of Nursing. Concorde is a possibility, but it has some issues as well.
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    Why did the National League of Nurses drop Platt College in Aurora from their group. All that is left is the national accreditation from The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT), and my understanding of accreditation is as follows:

    I received an email from a friend at Platt College, and it is my understanding that some classes have lost as many as around 80% of their original class. Some as low as 25%. I know that there are financial reasons, 60,000.00+, life and compromises, but these seem like really high numbers. Please do not respond to this question unless you can give me fairly accurate numbers. Also, I hear that the program was changed from a 2+ year program to a 3+ year program. I do not care if it is a BSN or not, there is no difference in pay at most hospitals. It is experience that derives pay grade. I can go to many other nursing institutions and graduate in 1 year and usually less than 2 years ADN. BSN or masters is a quick online six month conversion through university of phoenix. Please only relay accurate information about Platt College. I am not looking to hear how everyone feels, or their take. Positive or negative I would like the truth. The accreditation is also a worry. How do I find if there were any problems at the school? Are there publications or can I contact the ACCSCT directly.
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    Even the blogs on this site seem to lean toward troubling comments. No one says everyone is getting through the program or most of us are happy. There are statements like the program is not for everyone. I would hope for 60,000+ and 3+ years of school that there would be more resources, perseverance or support with everyone associated with Platt College. I would like to know some answers since enrollment is coming up soon.
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    Update: I just found out I passed the NCLEX!!!! So far everyone in my class has passed. I used Kaplan, some others did as well, some did not. I liked it but I think you should definitely do the Question Trainer quizzes AND the Qbank to get everything out of it. Also, the book that comes with the online course is awesome.

    We have had 7? (I think I am actually forgetting a few) take it and all have passed. I think we have 4 left to take it. My numbers could be wrong. Out of our entire class, we have 5 people who already have jobs; many of those before even taking the NCLEX. The class before us had 8 out of 9 pass it on the first try so I think we are running in the 90s now in terms of percentage passing on the first try. Which is just as good, if not better, than anywhere else.

    I start at Craig Hospital, 1 of the top rehabilitation hospitals in the country AND a Magnet facility, at the end of February in their new grad program. Some hospitals ONLY hire new grads at certain times of the year; others are constantly hiring them. The response from hiring facilities has been very positive regarding Platt new grads. I have been getting emails from former Clinical Scholars and Coordinators stating they have been very happy with Platt students and encouraging us to apply at their facility. These letters are coming from people who are NOT usually effusive in their praise.

    My program was 2 years and 8 months (32 months). They changed the schedule after my class to 35 months, which would mean 2 years and 11 months. So basically a 4 year Bachelors Degree in less than 3 years.

    In terms of money, it depends on each person and how many transfer classes they already have. I had none, as mentioned before, because my first degree was a BA and had no science or math, other than Geology (rocks for jocks at my school) so I had to take and pay for everything, including what most schools consider pre-reqs. Yes, it was expensive. More than CU, less than Regis, and less than Denver School of Nursing...FOR ME. However, I federally financed (Stafford Loans) a good chunk of it, and plan on having it all paid off in 5 years. Shouldn't be too difficult.

    If you have questions about Platt College that are not being answered here, please call the school 303-369-5151, go to an information session (I think they are every Friday or every Monday) and if you feel that your questions still aren't answered, ask to speak to Barb (she pretty much runs the info sessions and is AWESOME!) or Margie in Financial Aid. Both of them will be completely straight with you and try to answer every question they possibly can.

    Knowing what I know now, would I go to Platt College if I could go back and change things? Definitely! For many reasons which I think I have pointed out in prior posts. It does help having the Director on my speed dial and her serving as 1 of my referrals. I'm pretty sure that helped me get my job...:>)

    OK, so as much as I love talking about Platt and nursing school, I am DONE and on vacation (and going to Belize in a few weeks) until the end of February. Feel free to address additional questions to me but know that it will probably take me a long time to respond.

    Good Luck everyone!
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    i do not know if you were trying to answer my questions or not since there are not many answers here as well a few misconceptions. let me clarify what i know to be the truth.
    the college board search differs with your take. please link up below.

    i was wrong the, actual price of platt college is 68,000.00 not 60,000.00 including clinicals, books, extra fees, etc. i will always strive to seek the truth.

    in terms of money, it depends on each person and how many transfer classes they already have. i had none, as mentioned before, because my first degree was a ba and had no science or math, other than geology (rocks for jocks at my school) so i had to take and pay for everything, including what most schools consider pre-reqs. yes, it was expensive. more than cu, less than regis, and less than denver school of nursing...for me. however, i federally financed (stafford loans) a good chunk of it, and plan on having it all paid off in 5 years. shouldn't be too difficult.

    first of all the denver school of nursing adn program is less than 30,000.00, fact. around 29,700.00 i believe. not even close to 68,000.00. state or regionally accredited schools are slightly more than 30,000.00. regis is a prestigious large university whose graduates would beat out, in the job market, any upstart private school with little more than two graduating classes. depending on the exact program regis does charge in excess of 80,000.00. now as for bsn, masters, or practitioner status. unless you are a nurse practitioner, experience is the real separator in nursing pay and opportunities.

    a nurse starting at $25 per hour ending at $35 per hour on a 40 hour scale averaging $30 per hour through your life. $30 * 40hours * 52weeks = 62,400.00. you will lose 25 to 28% by taxes. you get roughly 45,000.00 per year. with interest considered and no life you could pay it off in 2 years. had you gone to another school you would be enjoying your money in half a year instead. remember, even at 5% interest, you will pay about 3500 dollars a year on 68,000.00.

    we have had 7? (i think i am actually forgetting a few) take it and all have passed. i think we have 4 left to take it. my numbers could be wrong. out of our entire class, we have 5 people who already have jobs; many of those before even taking the nclex. the class before us had 8 out of 9 pass it on the first try so i think we are running in the 90s now in terms of percentage passing on the first try. which is just as good, if not better, than anywhere else.

    now your next comment concerns me. you seem proud of 8 or 9 people making it from class 1, and 7 making out of class 2. how many original students were there. this is a really disturbing number. many other schools have classes of 30 or at the very least 20 plus. now i am trying to be cordial here. i hope you all the best, but please give those on the site real facts. do a little research, and help out fellow students. i guarantee your example of denver school of nursing is wrong. future students are placing a lot of risk on a startup school.
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    What happened to the Dean of the School that I heard so many troubling stories from other students. The Platt College website says that you welcomed a new Dean Guiterrez on January 15, 2009. I know you replaced the head of the nursing department with an interim faculty member. Please let me know what is occurring with the change in staff. I understand that Platt College wants only masters level nurses or possibly doctorate level, and would like to know why their valued members were displaced. Was the reason career, education, or termination. The staff of a school directly reflects whether it will be accepted as a nursing school.

    Please feel free to also help me understand how other schools work as well. I can be found on the Regis blog and Concorde. I will work to find answers to the others.

    Thank you again to everyone who has given me so much useful information.[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
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    35 Months - Schedule Varies To Clinical Placement Site Availability

    This is the Platt College statement from their website. Many students have told me of problems getting clinicals, which every nursing school deals with. My worry is that many student on this blog site seem to feel very strongly that the time frame is greater than 3 years. Already, 35 months, lets call it three years, is way too long. I want to start working, party, raise a family and enjoy life much sooner than this. 1 1/2 years is the norm of many nursing schools.

    Additionally, what has happened with clinical placement at Platt College. Has any clinical site denied Platt College. What are some of the names of clinical sites you have been at.

    Thanks again for your help.
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    i think you're asking very important questions in your posts. i attended platt for a short time and found that there were many issues. issues that i just could not overlook.

    i am especially worried about the number of students that complete the course in relation to how many start. it is disturbing to think that the recent classes graduated less than 10 students, from what i am reading in prior posts.

    keep asking questions and find out as much as you can about any program that you might be considering.

    all the best to you and i look forward to replies from more of the platt students.

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    Can you please explain some of the problems with the school. Any place I can contact to verify the problems. I also had another question that seems odd about Platt in Aurora Colorado. Why does it only have a BSN program. I understand that many schools like Denver School of Nursing have a LPN, ADN and BSN program and about to be accredited for a masters program. Even Concorde has LPN and ADN and apparently does not think that a BSN is cost effective. One of their representatives told me that they choose which programs are the most vital and necessary for the medical community, and they do everything from dentistry to surgery techs. Apparently, Concorde had the option though. I am understanding that Platt College was only given the chance to work as a BSN program. This worries me because it seems like almost a trial constraint by nursing boards. Example: If you cannot handle a BSN program, you will not be allowed to try any other level of nursing. It could be for money matters as well, but Platt gets more weird by the minute. I also looked at the staff on their web site, and their members are few and far between. How can Platt College function without enough Masters Degree Professionals they claim to only allow.

    Again, please let me know anything you can. Hopefully allnurses will not block any of your descriptions. I really need to know the truth. I have already decided not to attend from my research, and hope to go to National American University. I have a few friends who live in Aurora though, and I would like more information to place their minds at ease.