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Is anyone else applying to Otero Junior College in La Junta for Fall of 2009? Or is anyone in the program right now? Graduated from it? I'm interested in talking to people familiar with it. I... Read More

  1. by   jillane2011
    Goodevening dlady777,
    It was definitely heart breaking hearing that their slots are full because I went there with high hopes! It's frustrating because I have to constantly call Becki Lease, Kim Juul, and Reina (in charge of transcripts) to make sure they received all my information. They said they would send it to Becki but they'd forget Either way I enjoyed my visit there, the Safeway in La Junta is awesome lol! I'm afraid my app isn't competitive enough to be considered but here's what i'm applying with:
    Accuplacer Scores: reading 107 / math 101
    eng121 A
    psy215 A
    A&P1 B
    A&P2 A
    Micro B
    Nutrition A
    psy101 A
    mth103 haven't taken it
    patho haven't taken it
    I will take your advice and still apply for this July 2nd deadline. The fact that OJC is partnered with USCC ? so you can start on your bachelors degree while in your second sem. of the nursing program is really appealing! I've never seen those live streaming cameras where you can sit at OJC & attend a lecture in the USCC classroom! Goodluck this fall and I hope I can join you or be right behind!
  2. by   dlady777
    Yeah, same problem seems to be continuing. You send in something in hopes they reviewed and submitted it, but unfortunately you have to be on top of things with them. That means when you turn in transcripts, health certificates, whatever, you always, always call to see if they received it and turned it in. They get a lot of paperwork just like yours, and unfortunately, they don't have the help needed to take care of things. When I got an email, asking for first and second year nursing students to volunteer to assist with state certification check offs for CNA's I knew it was a red flag. Anyway, your grades are great, I would apply before the deadline regardless, so and keep making the calls to see if someone is not coming back. They always tell us to let them know A.S.A.P if we do not plan to attend. Work on taking your math and path as soon as u can. This will be one less class to take, and besides, you need to know the math like the back of your hand. Good luck to you! Hope to see you!
  3. by   jillane2011
    Good evening dlady777! Today I received my acceptance letter from OJC for the full time program this fall! Yeeehaay! I feel like I just got swept up by a tornado because everything is happening so fast. I have until next week Friday to accept or decline. My first choice school here in Oregon still hasn't called me back since I'm waitlisted at #2. I will just have to wait, but if not... I will do what I have to do and make the move to La Junta! What are your classes? It looks like I'd start off with 13 credits math103, nur109, and nur112. Hopefully we'll have a class together!
  4. by   dlady777
    Congratulations! One letter is better than none. If your wait listed at number 2, then it sounds like, you probably will be getting in with that one too. I am not in the full time program, and have chosen the non-traditional part-time. We won't be taking any classes together since I will only be taking NUR 109, for the fall semester. I already have math103, and pathophysiology. If your in the full time program, your NUR 109 class will be taken on a different day from mine.
    Ours is TUES/THUR nights, and clinicals every other weekend.
    Sounds like you got a heck of a load with 13 credits. Good luck, and let me know where u end up.