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Is anyone else applying to Otero Junior College in La Junta for Fall of 2009? Or is anyone in the program right now? Graduated from it? I'm interested in talking to people familiar with it. I received this e-mail: "Your... Read More

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    In general as far as I know there is not a wait list. I was in the office the first week of June and I know that they had some fulltime and some part time slots open. If you get your paperwork in in a timely manner you should not have a hard time at all. Talk to Becci. She is the center of all things nursing program. Good luck to you!

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    i graduate from the "part-time" program in 2009. i attended my lpn year as well. but, i need to clarify a few things! yes, it is a hard program, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. i am an older student...in my late 30's so, i was not the typical college student. with that said, i had to clean some of the cob-webs out of my brain to learn how to study again. to say that the school "sucked", well i did not think so. did i have to study a lot....heck yes!!!, i also worked 40 hours a week, had a family and kids to take care of and still managed to pass. i would disagree with the statement that the instructors sucked, because they did not! i had my favorites and then of course we all have that one that we just couldn’t follow/get along with. my advice to pass nursing school is to learn the basics..you will go crazy trying to learn everything that is taught. i bought a lot of the study guides from barnes and noble that have the example questions with the rationales....read the rationales....wow did things get easier for me then...wish i knew about it in my first semester! good luck! and remember there is good and bad in everything…your education is just that yours….make the best of it and great things will follow. just on a personal note…employers know that ojc is tough, they have a great percentage of graduates that find employment…i believe everyone in my graduating class found employment within the first few months after graduation. also, to better your chances of employment after graduation look for nurse extern/intern programs that you can work at while going to nursing school…..could open some doors for you!
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    MandyC had some good advice. And congrats on graduating! I just found out that I passed my lpn boards, (yipee!). I am looking forward to getting back to class, but dont quote me on that 3 months from now! I think the majority of schools are what you make it. I personally love OJC. Hope everybody had a great summer, get ready for the grind !
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    Blakese! Good Luck with your upcoming year. The last semes. was the hardest for me. I think my mind was already on graduating and half way out the door. Send me a message if you need some extra study guides/sample questions for the last semestar. I have plenty of books with the rationales included that I purchased in addition to the regular text books. I can send them up to OJC if ya need. (FREE of charge) I will keep my actual text books though....Never know when I might need that GINORMOUS Med surg. book...lol
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    Thanks! I will take you up on that! I will even come pick them up if you need me to. I don't live down there, I acyually live in Pueblo. Works out real well. I tape all my lectures and listen to them on the drive to and from school. It really helps. I get reinforcement of the information on the way home and a refresher on the way back to school.How is pharm II different from pharm I? Is it more in depth or just more information?
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    It really is about the same at Pharmacology I from what I can remember, however, it does go into more specific "groups" of medications. It helps when you recognize which medication are in which group...(i.e.: benzo's, calcium channel blockers, ACE-inhibitors…). I use to try and memorize the effects of each drug separately from the others....However, in pharmacology II, I did much better by grouping them, then taking out the BIG differences from each under that category. It is all about safety as well! (Side effects/contraindications, therapeutic levels) I work nights, and will be working the next few.when I have a few minutes, I will gather all the books that I have that you might need..Which classes are in your curriculum that are coming up?
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    I have Pharm II, Med Surg, (yet again), and Psych this semester. Where are you working at? How did you like psych? I have run into a lot of people who absulutey hated it. I am kind of looking forward to it. I did the adolescent psych tech program a few years ago and just loved it.
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    Make that, "absolutely"...absulutely?
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    i cannot say that i liked psych...or at least i didn’t think that i would. i am more of a black and white kind of person when it comes to studying...it was hard for me because there is so much grey in psych. i did really like my clinical at the state hospital, once i got over the incredible, paranoid, fear...lol .(still be on your toes).i did tell myself that i would never go into psych as a nurse...lol...one of my first jobs with agency was in the psych unit of doc....2 places i said i would never work...and to be honest...i actually liked it...once you realize what types of techniques/communication works with which types of disorders....i have a great care plan book for psych....i hope i can still find it…you can have it…
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    Hello Nurses/Future Nurses!
    I was hoping you guys could take the time to answer some questions. I realized that searching for discussion threads regarding OJC's Nursing Program has been very difficult! I'm currently living in Oregon but i'm planning to move down to La Junta. The fact that OJC has 4 application deadline dates is new to me because schools up here only have one.

    I just wanted to know how soon after the deadline were you notified that you were accepted? how did they notify you? I'm applying for the last application deadline which is July 2.

    If you guys don't mind could you provide some background info. if you were accepted/declined. Factors such as your accuplacer score on math/reading, gpa for prereqs (english comp, A&P1&2, human development, microbiology) and did you complete the other prereqs (not the required ones but supplemental) the math 103 clinical calc.,nutrition,humanities/social science,pathophysiology? I would like to get a feel and see what area I can improve in.

    Thank You & Take Care!

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