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Hi, I am a new grad RN from California. I am starting the RN Residency Program at the Children's Hospital Colorado this October. Does anyone know about their relocation assistance? Or anyone in the area who is looking for... Read More

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    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone could give me advice as to how to stand out and get into the residency program. I am graduating in June and applying for the August start date (hopefully I can sit for the NCLEX early enough). I have a 3.62 GPA, my capstone is in the ICU at Good Sam, my community health rotation was with special needs/developmentally delayed pre-k kiddos and I have been around kids my entire life as my grandma has a daycare center for low income families. Is there anything else I can do to stand out? Is my GPA too low? I have about 6 reference letters from clinical instructors as well....

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    SBran88RN, I just sent you a PM. I am a new grad also from Cali... Just got an interview for the August cohort!! Wanted to see if you had any tips regarding the interview process. Thanks!

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