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I graduated with my BA in 2002 (non science field) I have pre-requisites I need to finish before applying to nursing school. I am currently planning to finish my pre requisites at CCD. I've heard mixed reviews about this... Read More

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    I have Pueblo CC as my home college, even though my home is in Brighton. I was temporarily living in Pueblo when I registered and haven't bothered to transfer to FRCC when I got back home - there is no need to since it's all online. I didn't have any Bio classes, so I just had to place into the Intro to Bio class with the regular accuplacer scores needed, no bio placement test for me, unlike Dina.

    I am a SAHM Jamie, and the online classes have worked GREAT for me and my family. It saved me a huge amount of commute time which I could use to study instead, and the cost for the lab kit (which you have to pay for) would have been less than the gas used. It works great for me since I can be up before the kids and get in a few good hours of study before we start on their school (they both are in online schools). And, I can work up until dinner time and afterwards, whichever suits my schedule - I tend to use every available moment, but that's just me. It is highly adaptable and a great alternative to classrooms. As long as you are organized and self-motivated, you should do great.

    And, just like Dina's, my transcript from PCC does not show my classes as being taken online or through ccconline. Metro wouldn't know if you drove to class or did your work in your jammies (which I do all the time!)

    I'll be taking Stats in the first session this semester too, you will have to let me know if you stay in it, we can say hi there too.

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    Quote from Benedina
    Hi, Jamie. I wasn't recommending FRCC so much as the online option--which you say *would* be better for you. Dennis88 who posts on this board just got accepted at Metro, and did CCCOnline classes, I'm pretty sure. At the very least you could take statistics online.
    Yes, I took a lot of my pre-reqs through CCCOnline and Metro accepted them, as did Regis and CU. I'm on the alternate list for Regis, and I haven't heard from CU yet although I don't expect to get in with my GPA, and it's moot since I'm starting at Metro in a couple of weeks. All my pre-reqs were through the CCs (mostly Aurora and a few at Araphoe) and neither Metro or Regis held it against me. I don't know if it makes a difference at CU or not, but I don't think it does. I can't imagine that it makes a difference which CC you take them at.

    I will say I had a hard time with the A&P labs. I found doing dissections on my own to be difficult because I couldn't tell what I was looking at a lot of the time. I took A&P 2 as a hybrid and I got much more out of the labs.

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    I took my prerequisites from NAU (on campus), ACC (hybrid class - APII), and will take Chemistry (for Regis) from CCConline. All classes were accepted by CU, Metro, and Regis, and Regis will accept CCConline science classes, as long as you have a lab part (from what I understand, you will have a home lab kit). When I first applied, I was told that as long as the schools are regionally accredited and the science classes have an actual lab part (home kit or on campus), classes will be accepted and it makes no difference where you go. This was true for me, I got accepted at both Metro and Regis. CU's decision is still outstanding, but I received notification that my application is in order/ready for review (and my prerequisistes are ok).
    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for everyone's replies. I will probably continue with what I have for this spring at CCD and apply to FRCC and Arapahoe for next year so I have more options for classes. I prefer the hybrid classes as I'm not sure how well I'd do on the labs myself, that's always the hardest part for me.

    I was looking at the pre-requisites for Regis again as I've been reading and it seems like their ABSN may be a good option for me due to start date and length of program. However, they require quite a few more courses than the other colleges do. Does anyone know what my time limit is on those? I've already taken pretty much all of the non-science pre-reqs (I was a psych major when I started college and have taken lots of psych and sociology courses) I have also taken a religion course as part of my honors classes in college. I *may* not have taken a philosophy course, but I'm pretty sure I have. Will I have to retake all of these classes again?

    Also, it says the Healthcare Ethics class has to be an upper division, I'm assuming the CC Healthcare Ehics course isn't going to be sufficient, correct?

    ETA: I see they allow for unofficial transcript evaluation, so I'm going to do that this semester while I finish up a few things I know I need to take!
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    This has been a good thread seeing as how I took all my recent pre-reqs at ACC. I just submitted my application to Regis and I know there isn't a time limit on the pre-reqs. I took/am taking my religion and philosophy pre-reqs at RRCC weekend courses. So easy!

    I'd wait to do Healthcare Ethics until you are accepted. There were a lot of Regis nursing applicants in my religion classes that took it online with Regis before the ABSN program started.

    They are really quick with the transcript evaluation. At least they were for me. I think I got it back the same day or the next.
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    Quote from IrishMama

    I'd wait to do Healthcare Ethics until you are accepted. There were a lot of Regis nursing applicants in my religion classes that took it online with Regis before the ABSN program started.

    They are really quick with the transcript evaluation. At least they were for me. I think I got it back the same day or the next.
    That is how I think most are doing their Regis Health Care Ethics class. Once you get accepted (or are on alternate list) Regis will activate you as a student and contact you with the next available Health Care Ethics class sessions. We had the option between two sessions that will both be finished before the program starts in May. The class is online btw. If you insist, you can fulfill the class during the program, but they advise against it, and why not knock it out before program start if you can?
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    Thanks! I saw that they said you could take it as part of the program, but I wanted to avoid taking another class during that time b/c it's already an ABSN program. I didn't realize they would do that. That's really nice! The more I'm learning about Regis the more I like their program. I'm going to go to an information session sometime this month or next month

    For those of you who have been accepted there, would you mind stating what your stats are? Is the ABSN as difficult to get into as CUs?
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    I can't tell you yet if Regis was as hard as CU to get into as CU has not sent out their admission letters yet (they won't until late March), but I'll let you know then

    I had a 4.0 GPA in my prerequisistes, a 3.89 GPA in my previous Bachelor, I am an EMT-B (active license) and have volunteered at an ED for app. 8 months. So far, I have been really impressed with Regis as a school. Their reply time is superfast, they are professional, helpful, have amazing facilities and lab equipment and the staff sounds motivated, passionate about their students' success, and supportive during the interview and info session. However, of course I have not experienced the actual program yet. I was also very positively impressed by CU during their info session a year ago. I think both schools are great schools to go to. Regarding Regis (the only school I applied to that required an interview), I was pretty impressed by the interviewees that had been invited and were there with me on my interview day. They all seemed very bright, motivated, and seemed to have great potential. It seemed to me, but that is not based on any measurable stats, that Regis was more selective than Metro. From what I understand, CU might be the most selective school of all, but then they probably also get the highest number of applications since they are a State school (cheaper) and have a great reputation. Are you planning to apply at Regis and CU or Metro as well?
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    Hi! I plan to apply to CU, Regis, Metro, possibly UNC and have Arapahoe CC and FRCC as a backup and then bridge and do an RN-BSN. I REALLY don't want to do that b/c I know ADNs are having a really difficult time (more than BSNs from what I understand) finding a job, but it's an option I haven't completely ruled out. I DO want my BSN though b/c I want to at least give myself the option of getting an advanced degree at some point (though I'm feeling incredibly old right now and just starting out, lol)

    Your stats are awesome! I nowhere near that qualified I graduated in 2002, I honestly can't remember exactly what my GPA was from that college (I transfered) I think it was around a 3.2. I had transfered from a CC, and gotten my AA first, my GPA from there was around a 3.8, and I also have a post-grad certificate, my GPA from there, again was around a 3.6, I think. Averaging them all together, I would be at a 3.6 or so I'm guessing. But, I haven't finished my required pre-requisites either. I'm really hoping I get all As in those.

    I don't have any clinical experience with my job (I'm currently a litigation paralegal) I volunteered in the ER at UCH previously (though not recently, I need to go back!) a few years ago, and worked at an assisted living place for a summer in college, but again, that was years and years ago. I've thought about getting my CNA or EMT Certification, but finding the time is difficult. I'm also a single Mom, so working FT is pretty much a requirement for me right now, and even finding the time to finish these pre-requisites is not easy at times, but I'm determined to do it. If I could afford the huge paycut to be a CNA (or preferably an EMT) I would get that certification first, and quit this job and do that, but right now it's just not an option...maybe in a few years, but by then I'm hoping I can apply to nursing school
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    Lol, you are actually younger than I am, so I don't want to hear about you being old!!
    I think your background sounds great. You have some volunteer/ work experience, even if it has been a while, and your GPAs are nice. Take your time taking your prerequisites, it is better to do them well than rush through them with a lesser grade, and having to work plus having a kid makes things more challenging (I have two toddlers so I know what you are talking about) I was originally considering the ADN route too, but when I added up all the time it would take me to catch up to a BSN it was more practical to just work on my prerequisites for the BSN programs and apply directly (and only) to those programs.
    Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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