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Hi, so I recently just got accepted for the Spring 2011 Cohort for the Accelerated nursing option at Metropolitan School of Denver. I was wondering where should I find housing at? And would I... Read More

  1. by   crazybumblebee
    u two are funny. i appreciate everyone's help.
    it does sound like the clinicals are kind of "spontaneous" and can change without notice.
    may is not too far away... how exciting!!!
  2. by   nam11
    Clinical rotations are not necessarily that bad in terms of planning. Most of them are on weekends and are given some time in advance (sometimes not that much time), but they have never changed after they have been given out. You will have the schedule in advance as the class starts and those times are set, so you won't be going day by day wondering when you are having clinical.
  3. by   Dennis88
    I have had some minor adjustments to a couple of my clinical schedules - just a day or two that were changed and different start/end times, nothing too serious. It gets to be a bit frustrating that we don't get the assignments earlier, but it's the nature of the beast.
  4. by   crazybumblebee
    thank you, you two for letting me know.
    Sorry i haven't been online to reply back.
    So I signed up for the taekwondo class... if anything conflicts, I will drop it.
    I think we find out our schedules during orientation right? Which clinicals were your favorite of the bunch? I would be so happy if most of the clinicals were on the weekends rather than at night during the weekdays, I rather use those days for studying.... but we'll see
  5. by   Dennis88
    Yes, you'll get the class/lab schedule in orientation. The first clinical isn't until after spring break so you won't get the schedule for that until later. Most of the clinicals have been on weekends (usually Friday-Saturday or Sunday-Monday) but there have been some on weekdays. There is one peds rotation that is going to be weekday nights, and I think that's the only night one (aside from senior practicum).

    My favorite rotation so far was med-surg 1 at Lutheran. We had a great instructor for it and the nurses were really good as well. I'm also really enjoying my OB rotation at PSL, again because of a great instructor.
  6. by   crazybumblebee
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    I was interested into going towards the med/surg concentration, so hopefully I will enjoy it as much as you. That is good to know that the first clinical doesn't start until after spring break, so I could get more acclimated to the busy schedule. I was trying to figure out the schedule based on the metro site, but I think you're right, I'm not going to make plans that way since I don't really know what classes I'll be taking the first semester!! HHAHA. So basically, everything I planned was pretty much guesswork.

    How do you feel the program is in terms of intensity? Are you able to fit in other things into your schedule too, such as working out, or going snowboarding/skiing. I know it's kind of weird for me to ask, since I am being enrolled into an accelerated program, and everyone is different in terms of how they time-manage, but I was just curious. That would be awesome for most of the clinicals to be on the weekends, I don't really do much other than work out and study. Have you two thought of what concentration you wanted to go in?
  7. by   nam11
    First, the intensity is not that great, people exaggerate greatly, you will have a lot of free time to do whatever you want (work, workout, hangout with your family). There is a lot of work, but I feel my undergrad degree was a lot harder in terms of content and a lot stricter with rules and grades. I guess this could be based on your previous degree, but you should relax a little, no need to worry about it now.
    It seems that we always have two or three days completely off and a lot of the time these days are in a row. I was in the same MS-I as Dennis and it was a good experience, but I liked OB a lot better overall between class and clinical. I want to go into something other than med-surg (sorry but for some reason med-surg and I don't click), but I will take what I can get to start. Go into the program thinking it will be super hard and more time consuming than anything, and then be surprised when you can relax a bit.
  8. by   crazybumblebee
    That's good to hear. I was wondering. But I think it really depends on the person and how much they learn, and I completely understand that you didn't like med-surg since everyone perceives things differently from each experience. I think that I will drop the taekwondo class for now, and just go into the program full throttle like you said, and if I could manage everything, I'll slowly add more things into the mix. I'll probably keep working out for sure, and study, but I need to remember to keep the program the top priority.
  9. by   dorisjorden
    My message is that I Live in denver co. and I've taken the nclex rn 3 times and the 4th time I was scheduled , Pearson Vue scheduled my test for Dec 18th at Westminister and I recieved a letter rescheduling me for Green Village on the same date and I was unable to get my money back from pearson vue. In Denver, Co. you can take the test 3 times and It used to be every 45 days. I been trying to find out what I need to do to re-apply to take the boards or how do I go about applying to another State like Texas and take the nclex here in denver. Help Please help. I've been out of school since 2003. It's time I get my RN. It is long over due. I would appreciate your feed back on this.