Memorial Hospital New Grad Interview Fair (Co. Springs) / July 2013

  1. I will be traveling to the new grad fair from out of state and wanted to get some background information regarding the fair.

    I read some posts from last year's fair that it was a "loooooong" day. Has anyone heard anything more about the event than what was in the emails? What units are hiring? How many positions?

    Anyone from last year's fair have any insights or input?


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  3. by   nicknau
    Hey there! How did you find out about this job fair, is it something that is invite only? I have been searching up and down for a new grad position, with no luck so far.
  4. by   NurseLL123
    Memorial health does new grad hiring in cohorts. Keep tabs in their Facebook page for when the next application will be
  5. by   biltz
    Yes, it's invite only. I applied to the new grad program and then those chosen to interview are invited to the "open house fair" to interview with the different unit managers.
  6. by   biltz
    Oooops, and its in June 2013 not July (had something else on my mind....)
  7. by   haas3663
    has anyone heard back officially for a job either way? I got a second interview and thought they said we would hear by today....
  8. by   MissHamhead
    Do they take ADN for their new grad or just BSN?
  9. by   hwngrl
    Hi everyone! Sorry i'm just jumping into the conversation but I recently applied to the new grad residency program for Feb and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the process or how long this takes?! I just submitted my reference screenings. I'm so nervous! I haven't had any luck getting interviews yet so i'm so on edge
  10. by   hwngrl
    Hi! I am applying for the New Grad for the Feb 14 cohort, and I was wondering if you had any advice or insight about the whole hiring process, including the fair? Thanks in advance!