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Hey! I just wanted to see if anyone else has been contacted for the ER residency or new grad position. I was contacted to input refernces for th ER position and am soooo excited!!! Hope they call me soon!!!... Read More

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    Still no word. I think they are waiting to see who's licensed and who's not, by the cutoff of July 18. I remember Edina saying she had to be able to verify licensure on Dora by that date.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about start dates etc. I would be REALLY interested in updates over the next few months. My husband and I are from Texas. I graduated with my BSN in May and have started a job on a PCU/Tele floor at a local hospital here. My husband graduates in May of 2014, at which time we are hoping to relocate to the Colorado Springs area.

    We know a great deal about what it's like work for our local hospitals because of clinicals and knowing people who work at both hospitals. However, we are able to find very little anecdotal info about C Springs hospitals. Anyone have any input? From your own personal local knowledge? What are the hospitals like? What do you know about patient ratios etc.

    Did most of you who received offers for new grad jobs do your clinicals there? My husband will be a new grad and we know the market is very tight! What about for experienced nurses?

    Would be interested in any info anyone felt like sharing!! Thanks in advance and congrats to all on graduating! What a feat!
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    Has anyone received phone calls or emails asking to schedule interviews yet?
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    I and a fellow classmate have received invitations to attend this year's (2013) new grad fair. Any suggestions on how to prep for it and/or hints for being successful at it? How do we find out what units are hiring? Any input would be helpful!


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