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  1. Hello all,

    My husband & I will be making the move to Colorado after Thanksgiving of this year. Both Texas & Colorado are compact states (which makes it a little bit easier) but I'm still a little confused about the process.

    *Should I wait until I officially move to Colorado & have a Colorado driver's license before I turn in my application? I see on the form where you can request a temporary license (120 days) that can be used until the permanent is issued.

    *Also, I am a newlywed & my new Colorado license will need to have my married name on it (current Texas one does not). Do I need to fill out another form for this or just send a copy of my drivers license with application- it will have my new married name on it.

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  3. by   nurse2033
    Your answer can be found here or here Licensing Requirements
  4. by   laurainaz
    I am also in the process of transferring my license from NM to CO. The first step is to go to and release your information to Colorado. Then print and fill out the application and mail in. I sent mine in about 2 weeks ago so still waiting to hear something. Hope it doesn't take too long!!
  5. by   JenFrie
    This mainly depends on whether or not you already have a job set up in Colorado. If so, then getting the temp license should be fine until you have gained residency, you'd have to talk with your contact at your new job to verify. But either way, I'd suggest starting your application by endorsement ASAP because there's so much to it, and from what I hear it takes over a month. First you have to go to and fill that out, and it allows you to search by maiden name. Then you have to fill out the form for license by endorsement. Right on this form it explains what to do if your name has changed, which is just supply a copy of the document verifying name change, and it even says that the marriage license will work. Regarding you having a CO license, there is nothing in the form that requires you ALREADY be a resident of CO, and the only documentation of residency required is that you are legally allowed to work in the US, ie. passport, driver's license, etc (same as with any job).
    This should be all the info you need, I hope you have luck with it!