Kaiser hospital in CO?

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    I am looking to relocate to Denver area and currently work at a Kaiser ER in another state. Does CO have a Kaiser hospital? It would be nice to transfer within Kaiser. When I looked to the Kaiser CO website it looked like there were just clinics…???

    If there isn’t a Kaiser ER in Denver, any recommendations for other hospitals? I have 2 years experience in ER, love it, and want to stay in the ER.


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    No, there aren't any Kaiser hospitals, per se, just Kaiser-affiliated hospitals (there's a newer one in Lafayette - Good Samaritan - which is part of the Exempla hospital network). You're right, Kaiser's presence in CO is just clinics/primary care.

    I'm biased towards the University hospital. They have a wonderful reputation and are great to work for.
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    Exempla St. Joseph Hospital in Denver is also a Kaiser Affiliate (listed on their website)
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    You can work as a Kaiser Employee at one of the affiliated hosptials.
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    really? i called hr kaiser colorado a while back and they told me that members can get care at the affiliated hospitals but they did not hire kaiser nurses at the hospitals. i’d like to follow up on your information…..thanks!

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