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    Oh no why do you say that haha? And studios are even rough in Littleton. But I haven't done too much research. and baker? Where is that located according to Arapahoe?
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    Oh not good luck in a bad way. Im sure you can find one! Baker is closer to capitol hill area- so it's still a bit off from littleton.
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    Oh that's not to bad then. And thank you then for the good luck. Good luck finding good transportation im so ready for orientation
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    Hey Kate
    Congrats on getting into the program. I'm applying to the program this summer for Jan admissions and was wondering what your GPA was and how you did on the HESI exam.

    Quote from katehensley
    I was wondering if anyone else on here did!
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    Congratulations on getting accepted! All your hard work & sacrifices paid off! Like Gio5521, I'm also interested in applying to the program. I was able to find your HESI scores from a previous post, but could you tell us what was your grades for the prerequisites? Eng121, Psy235,Bio201,202,204 & optional prereqs such as Nutrition,Math103,Patho, etc.

    Thank You,
    Crystal C.
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    Hi Kate and everyone. Can you (or anyone here) tell me what subjects are we tested on during the Hesi entrance exam at Arapahoe community college? If the list of subjects includes Chemistry, can you tell me what part of chemestry it is? I am planning to take the Hesi at arapahoe in a couple months, but i never took any chemistry class beside the basic chemistry included in biology classes. Please help with your answer.
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    I am about to apply for the nursing program at ACC.... what was your GPA and Hesi score?
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    I am graduating Dec from ACC with my ADN. My Pre-req GPA was 3.98 and my Hesi if I remember correctly was 78

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