Front Range Community College's nursing program in Westminster

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    can anyone tell me about the front range community college's nursing program in westminster? i would like to get my associate in rn nursing, but i was told the program is fulltime and would not be able to work for two years? is that true? or is it just fulltime during the clinical? any information you can tell would be appreciated.

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    Moved to CO Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more responses.
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    I went to FRCC Larimers program. They are a little different, but both full time. Many people managed to work while in the program, it was just advised against.
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    I will be starting at the Westminster campus this fall, and the hours are when most people work. Generally speaking, the hours are Mon-Thu 830-4, but everyday is different. If you have a job that doesnt have traditional hours, like 8-5 M-F, you may be able to work evenings and weekends.

    Unfortunately, I work in a physicians office, and will be leaving my position. I have tried for a few months now to find something part time, but as you may have heard, the current job market isn't great.

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