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I don't see a recent thread for FRCC nursing students. I got into the Fall program at the Larimer campus and was curious if anyone else on here is going to be in the program. We start in 3 weeks! I'm... Read More

  1. by   GGAlice
    Hey there! Yes, I ordered the uniform. It was about $53.00 or so for the pants, shirt, and sewn on patch. The girl at Encore told me it would be a few weeks for my stuff to come in. It sounds like they kind of drag their feet on getting these uniforms in, so I would try to go right away.

    Yes, I am worried about the completion rate also. I hope it's not because the program is too tough or something. I hope that if we put in our best effort, we will make it through!
  2. by   reiny76
    Yes I called there before, I'm living at Thornton, so when I go there Wednesday, I have to take care everything I need at once.
    It will be a challenge to go school everyday especially in this weather condition
    Well hopefully my order will make on time though
    whitch lab math group are you in? Im lab B.
    well you can email me at I think too many our own posts under someone's thread lol have a good one.