Does anyone hire in Denver/front range before licensed?

  1. Hello,

    This is my first post! YAY!!

    My husband and I both graduated from an ADN program 3 weeks ago and are both finishing up management/preceptorships. We will be moving back to Colorado (hopefully) and I was just wondering if anyone knew of specific hospitals on the front range that will hire RN's contingent on passing NCLEX. I know the new grad program at Presbyterian/St Lukes in Denver will, but any others??

    I know its a horrible market in Colorado for new grads, but its worth a shot!!
    We won't be moving until we get jobs, so if nothing comes up, we will go elsewhere. Just looking for encouraging information!

    Any advice/information is appreciated
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    Hello !

    I'm also a new grad in Colorado. Things are tough out here!

    As far as I know, St Lukes is the only residency program that will hire ADNs.

    All other hospitals will "maybe" consider you if you have a bachelors in another field.

    Sometimes some hospitals will open positions that will consider new graduates but they are not "residency" per se.

    St. Joseph Hospital
    Porter Adventist
    Littleton Adventist
    Rose Hospital
    St Anthonys htt
    Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins (very new grad friendly)

    Hope this helps... Good luck!

    ~ Patty
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    Thank you for the replies! I have been considering applying for the new grad residency at Denver Health, when it opens up, but haven't found too much info on here about that. They don't require BSN's but preferred, so there is a chance! It seems that they have a few jobs on their website lately that will consider new grads, so its seems to be the most promising, but I don't have the inside scoop!!

    @ Patty - Have you had any luck finding a job??