Denver School of Nursing, BSN completion option start, July 2013

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    Just mailed in my application for the summer start. Anyone else? Looking forward to meeting my summer classmates!
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    Hi, I'm Amber. I turned mine in as well! We'll have to keep each other posted on when we get called for interviews.
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    OK Amber,
    By the way, this is Paul
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    I sent in my application for the BSN July 2013 start date as well. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for that phone call for an interview! I am planning on moving from my lifelong state of Alaska to Colorado upon acceptance. Any advice or information on the area is greatly accepted!

    Kayla McLeod
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    Hola, I'm Adam and I turned in my application as well. Patiently waiting for a phone call.
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    Yes, great idea! Let's keep each other updated.
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    Got a phone call today! :-) Super excited!!
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    Got a call today to set up an admissions interview! Yay!
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    Oh goodness I sure hope I get a phone call tomorrow... I haven't received one yet.
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    Got a call yesterday! I'm an out of stater so any advice on where to live etc. would be greatly appreciated!! Looking forward to meeting you all!
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