Denver School of Nursing, BSN completion option start, July 2013 - page 2

Just mailed in my application for the summer start. Anyone else? Looking forward to meeting my summer classmates!... Read More

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    Congratulations everyone! That is very exciting!
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    Any word yet Kayla?
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    No, still haven't received a phone call. Starting to get nervous! I can't imagine them calling everyone in one day, so hopefully the process takes a few and I am just toward the back of the call list. Congratulations on your call, though!
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    Personally I would use the light rail/RTD bus route as a jumping off point. See where the school is and find a place close to a light rail or bus stop anywhere you want. I'd stay away from Colfax too. -Cheers
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    Just received my phone call! Looks like I was worried for no reason.
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    Hello everyone! I hope the interview and testing process went well. I just received my first quarter tentative schedule yesterday and looks like I'll be in Group A for the BSN July 1st start. How about anyone else?
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    Me too Kayla,
    I will see you in class!
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    Good luck to everyone starting tomorrow!!!!
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    Anyone apply for the January 2013 start? Interested in hearing when everyone starts getting their acceptance notification!
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    Quote from Boxer Mama
    Good luck to everyone starting tomorrow!!!!
    Thank you! So far school has been great. Our professors and classmates are wonderful. Will you be starting at DSN soon?

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