Current RN Payscale in Colorado

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    My wife and I have dreams of moving to Colorado. We love it up there!We are still a ways off from being able to do it, but we like to plan our family's future out in advance as much as we can. We have 4 children so understanding the pay there is important.When we move, I will have 1 year exp. and my wife will have 3 yrs.What should we plan on earning per hour??Id love to know your base pay, shift diffs, and location!Thank you fellow nurses!
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    I'm in western co, grand junction to be exact. We have two good sized hospitals here. Starting pay is around 23$ an hour, can't tell you much more than that as I'm only starting nursing school this fall.. It is a nice sized city, not too big either. We love it here! Moved from Nevada 3 years ago. Its a four hour drive to salt lake city Ut, and four to Denver the other direction.
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    Colorado is great! I work at a HealthOne hospital in Denver. Everybody here says this network pays much worse than the others in town, but I'm satisfied with my paycheck. (Although I did move here from Iowa which is one of the worst paying states for nurses!) I have 1 year experience, and my base pay is $23, shift differentials are $3 after 3pm, $4 after 11pm and $1 on weekends. Since I work nights, that works out to about $50 extra a night. Call is $4 an hour at home, time and half if called in. Let me know if you have any other questions about the state
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    When I moved here as a nurse with 5 years of experience, I started at a large Denver hospital at a base pay of $28/hour. So you should figure that your wife, with 3 years, will probably make around $25ish.
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    I am on the western slope in a smaller town, I have been an RN since 2002, and my base pay is $28/hour. I make an extra $4 for night diff. I am seriously considering travel nursing again at this rate. I miss what I made in MO and TX. But I didn't have these great mountain views..... what a trade off.