CU Denver Accelerated BSN Spring 2013 - page 4

So the application just opened. I am working hard on my essay, wanted to see how many others out there are in the boat with me.... Read More

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    Got the letter today that I was placed on the call list. I guess it is waiting by my phone, reapplying to CU, and starting fall prerequisites for Metro State for me. Is anyone else in the same boat? Did anyone get accepted?

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    Hello fellow Regis ABSN candidates,
    I am excited to share the wonderful news that Regis University has officially emailed out all acceptance letters as of today. I have accepted my spot to start the Regis ABSN Spring Cohort/Term 2013. Has anyone else received notice? Best of Luck to everyone
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    Congrats to everyone starting at CU Denver in the spring of 2013! I was wondering where people were living or if anyone was looking for a roommate and housing. Let me know!

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