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So the application just opened. I am working hard on my essay, wanted to see how many others out there are in the boat with me.... Read More

  1. by   mirandabear
    Hi! I'm also about to apply for the CU's accelerated BSN, used to have another account, but...whatever. I was brought here when I tried to search for information about the Interview Day. I was just looking again at the admission steps for CU when I saw the small bit at the bottom about interview day. Sounds like I wasn't the only one who never heard anything about it while reading through requirements or going to info sessions.

    But... it says once they have your application they'll email you with more information about interview day. Can anyone who has been emailed share the information they've been sent about it? Or exactly what the process might be like?

    Also, about the GPA, my undergrad GPA isn't even a 3.5, but is close-ish. Does anyone know if they calculate your prerequisite GPA into your cumulative GPA, or just look at the GPA on your undergrad transcript (besides also looking at the science GPA?) I've been getting 4.0's in all my pre-req semesters, and it'd by nice if they were calculated into the cumulative/all college work ever GPA, like it works for Regis.
  2. by   kerleigh722
    Most of the people on here applied for the spring 2013 start so interviews already happened! I didn't get one, so I called and they basically said I was rejected :/. But at least I got one at Regis, my number one option! But anyway, once you apply, they choose probably around 150-200 of those applicants for interviews and yes, they will email you that information. This interview process at CU is really new. After that, you wait a while and then you will get a letter in the mail letting you know if you made the cut! My undergrad GPA is 3.4 and my science is around that, too. So your science GPA being a 4.0 will def. help! But I hear that CU is all about GPA, GPA, GPA, where Regis looks more at experience and letters of rec, etc. Did you consider them too? Hope that little bit of info helps.
  3. by   mirandabear
    Thanks, that was helpful! My undergrad GPA is pretty much the same as yours, so yeah, hoping the pre-reqs are part of the cumulative. I've heard the same about CU Denver, GPA. At the info session they said essay,essay, essay, and GPA.

    But yeah, I've looked at Regis too, definitely planning on applying there. Only, I have no experience. I worked a retail job for five years during and after undergrad. My only real worry with Regis now is the recommendations. I have a good professional one from my job, but past professors who'd said they'd be glad to write me a letter haven't responded to my email requests. Maybe because they are not checking school emails during the summer? I am almost thinking of asking my summer pre-req teachers I've only known for about two months. I need to have those letters in soon.

    Congratulations on getting an interview at Regis though! Do you have a lot of related experience? And, thanks again.
  4. by   kerleigh722
    Of course, no problem
    Experience is something I do have... Almost 3 years as CNA and a summer of volunteer experience at St. Anthony's. So I'm hoping this is what really gets me into Regis.
    But to make you feel better, I know a few people that get into these programs with 0 healthcare experience. But, if you don't get in, I would recommend getting your CNA license and just working part-time or something until the next application opening. But I'm sure you will do fine especially because you have a 4.0 science GPA (that's what you meant, right)!! Thats awesome!
  5. by   Colorado Hopeful
    Got the letter today that I was placed on the call list. I guess it is waiting by my phone, reapplying to CU, and starting fall prerequisites for Metro State for me. Is anyone else in the same boat? Did anyone get accepted?
  6. by   optomisticsoul
    Hello fellow Regis ABSN candidates,
    I am excited to share the wonderful news that Regis University has officially emailed out all acceptance letters as of today. I have accepted my spot to start the Regis ABSN Spring Cohort/Term 2013. Has anyone else received notice? Best of Luck to everyone
  7. by   reesepiec1
    Congrats to everyone starting at CU Denver in the spring of 2013! I was wondering where people were living or if anyone was looking for a roommate and housing. Let me know!