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    I was browsing the topics here and didn't find much information or discussion about the BSN program at CSU-Pueblo. I'm thinking of applying there but saw that the NCLEX scores are very inconsistent, so just writing to ask if anyone has information on whether or not it's a good program or if anyone here attends or has attended that program?
    Any information is appreciated.

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    I attend the CSU-Pueblo accelerated BSN program. There used to be a thread on it, but it somehow got deleted. Please PM me if you have specific questions. Thanks.
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    Hi Pitaya,

    I can't send private messages yet. I will be applying this coming October for CSU Pueblo's Degree Plus program and wanted to know how competitive the admissions process is- what was your pre-req gpa? My pre-req GPA should be a 3.6 when I apply (A in micro,a&p I and II, but a C in statistics) and I will still be working on the other pre-reqs. Also, do they admit students with outstanding coursework around at application time- I won't be done with my pre-req's until December? I apologize for bombarding you with questions. I just haven't been able to find much information about the program online.Thanks!

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    I had a 3.3 pre-req GPA and I still got in. However, I was waitlisted first. I was not about to retake any pre-req courses, though. Funny, statistics was my easiest A by far. I got C's in the classes everyone else seems to have aced, like A&P and chemistry, but statistics was a breeze for me. LOL Pre-req grades aren't necessarily an indicator of how well you'll do in the program; so far I have straight A's, even though I was on the bottom of the admit list. Shouldn't be a problem that your pre-reqs aren't done until December. Some students were still finishing the pathophysiology pre-req course during the first month of school. Good luck! I wouldn't worry if I were you. You should have no problem getting in.
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    I posted the original comment, I guess what I want to know is what do you think of the program? Is it really rushed or do you think you are getting a quality education there? Are all of the clinical rotations done in hospitals and do you get a lot of one on one teaching? Also for the application did you have a CNA completed or any other kind of certification or just a bachelor's degree?
    Thank you for any information.
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    "Rushed" is a relative term. It is really busy, but I don't think it's any busier or any more rushed than other nursing programs, except that we also go to school for 2 summer semesters instead of just in the winter and the fall. Personally, I love summer semesters because the classes go by faster.

    Not all of the clinical rotations are done in hospitals. You start out in the nursing home and toward the end of the program get to do a public health rotation.

    As far as one on one teaching goes, well, I'm not really sure what you mean by that, but the class size is typically around 30 for lectures and for labs/clinicals it's about half that. But there are opportunities to speak with the teachers one-on-one and ask questions.

    I did not have my CNA going into the program, just a BS! Hope this helps.
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    Sorry, for hijacking the thread.


    What was your schedule like during the Summer? When did your clinical labs start/finish and how many days a week did you do them?

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    What are the pre-requisites for CSU-Pueblo. Is a semester of chemistry fine, or do you need a whole year? Also do they require a foreign language...if so how many credits?

    I find their website hard to understand as a possible transfer student. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    I have several questions, and would love for some assistance in answering them.

    Can you tell me what your typical weekly schedules are while in the program?
    I currently live in the Denver area, so I will need to either drive or stay at extended stay motels during the days I need to be in Pueblo.

    Is it possible to work during the program and if not how do you afford the program? From my understanding we can get $12,500 in stafford loans and $5500 in perkins loans, but is that all you can get as far as federal aid and I assume that is not enough to live on?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Quote from jjohncar
    Sorry, for hijacking the thread.


    What was your schedule like during the Summer? When did your clinical labs start/finish and how many days a week did you do them?

    Summer was the first semester we had as accelerated students. We had clinicals and/or labs every week for 10 hours, typically from 7 am to 5 pm. We had one day/week off, and classes the other 3 days.

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