CSU-Pueblo Accelerated BSN

  1. Just got my acceptance letter, . Anyone else going to be with me this summer?
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  3. by   mirandabear
    Congratulations! I regret not applying there, I hear it's a good school from friends who started pre-nursing 'next door' at UCCS in Co Springs. What all did you have to do to apply other than pre-reqs? I know I tried to contact them a few times but didn't get a response that I know of.
  4. by   ChristyG1129
    Yes ma'am Super nervous.....
  5. by   smsoftballgirl
    Hey I'll be heading down there too! Cant wait....do you know anyone else coming? if so, I created a facebook page so we can start networking/meeting before nursing school begins : https://www.facebook.com/CsuPuebloAc...sn2014?fref=ts
  6. by   JKSNurse
    It looks like I'm on the waiting list, but close. Anyone have any experience with prior years acceptance from the waiting list? There was another post on the forum about someone who moved from the wait list to the program.

    I know UCCS is doing interviews right now, I have to think that there are some people out there that are using Pueblo as a "safety school" and will drop out upon acceptance to UCCS or maybe Denver. Or people who just drop out before it starts.

  7. by   hopefulinCO
    Awesome, thanks for setting that up! Have you started filling out all of the paperwork that they sent out?
  8. by   hopefulinCO
    I had most of the pre-reqs and clinical experience. My backgroud is basic science, research, so I am trying to shift to a more clinically oriented career.