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  1. Hi there,

    I am incredibly new to this site and would really appreciate some necessary feed back or please even tell me if posting this topic would be more effective in another category.

    I am a brand new nursing student. Technically, I'm not even a nursing student as I am taking my prerequisites. I have always wanted to be a nurse as long as I can remember.
    Recently I started attending a school called College America in Denver. I'm starting to feel as though this was a huge mistake and I am generally afraid for my wallet and my education. I have only been attending this school for 1 month. I took communication arts online and nutrition on campus. Next week I am taking my finals for both classes. I have heard a lot of very negative things about this school recently and I'm looking for some advice.

    College America lead me to believe that they were the only school in the state of Colorado that would accept me due to the fact that I have no prior experience. I took the SLE and passed and was immediately accepted in to their program. I started school a week later. This of course lead me to feel really great about my future because they were my "only shot" at becoming a nurse. My tuition for my associates degree is 47,000 dollars.

    The school also seems to be incredibly grey about if their nursing program is accredited. I have heard that often times "graduates" from this school will get over-looked for employment. Is there anyone who can share their experience of this school with me? Could there potentially be a better, accredited school here in Colorado that would accept me even without experience?

    Any insight, information, and advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!
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  3. by   klone
    What type of program are you in? I don't believe they're accredited as an RN or LPN program (as far as NLN accreditation). So you would have a hard time transferring to a BSN program. The best bet would be to contact a few BSN programs and ask if they accept CA's degrees for transfer.

    IMO, CA is a high-priced rip-off.
  4. by   kandamom
    I have no experience...didn't even graduate from high school! Got my GED, went to a community college for my pre-reqs, applied to an accredited nursing program and was accepted.
    College America is NOT your only option, College America is a Rip Off!
  5. by   carlyt1
    Please don't sell yourself short and buy into the belief that they will be the only ones to take you! There are plenty of schools that would be happy to have you but your first step is doing your research and being leery of programs that tell you this is your 'only way' or that you won't be accepted elsewhere. Say no and shop around, schools worth going to often don't need to push their students into applying and if they seem eager to get you in the door you should back up and look at the big picture. Often for profit schools will sell you a too good to be true story or lead you to believe that it will be your only way to go because of this that or the other to cement your commitment.

    If you want this badly you can do it and there are options that are much more affordable. Do your prerequisites to apply for CU Regis Metro ACC FRCC etc at a community college while working entry level in the healthcare field. Places like Red Rocks and FRCC have accelerated CNA programs that can help you get your foot in the door with some experience while you complete your prerequisites to apply to an RN or BSN program.

    The #1 thing that the admissions counselors at for profit schools are trained in is sales. It typically doesn't even matter if the program is in the best interest for the student because they are often forced to hit a quota to keep their job and this leads them to come up with some creative tactics to get you on board with them.