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Hello everyone! In the past, it seemed to be helpful to have a thread started for the residency programs so everyone can stay updated when the programs start sending out notifications. That being... Read More

  1. by   sandraBSN
    Hey guys!

    Did anyone apply for the October cohort and have heard from them? Decided to post on this thread cause I didnt one for the next cohort.

    Thank you!
  2. by   mdf2373
    I applied for October and have not heard anything yet either. From reading threads of past years, it seems like they usually run behind. The status of my online application is still "submitted" also. If anyone hears anything please let us know!!
  3. by   ald09010
    I also applied for October and have not heard anything. I emailed them to see if there was any update and this is what they said
    "At the moment, our team is still reviewing all applications.* You will receive either an email or phone call once the next phase will start.* If you have any questions, please contact us."

    Doesn't really help, hopefully we hear within the next week or so!

  4. by   ald09010
    I still have not heard... has anyone here Heard if they got accepted/rejected to the Oct program?!
  5. by   mdf2373
    i haven't heard anything either! hopefully soon!
  6. by   mdf2373
    has anyone heard anything yet?
  7. by   jocbran
    Nope! Haven't heard anything yet about Oct. 2017 cohort! If any of you guys hear back, please post!
  8. by   ald09010
    A couple days ago I got an update emailing saying my application was sent to the hiring manager. That's all I've heard so far though
  9. by   chloemichelle8
    Hey! I just got an interview for Level 8 (medical) and Level 9 (pulmonary) on Sep 14. I think they were running behind trying to get the July cohort settled. anyone have any information on the interview process? I heard theres an exam but that might only be for the ICUs? Anyone have info? I heard they ask tough questions that throw people off but haven't gotten any concrete examples. Would love any information!
  10. by   ald09010
    Ahhh congrats!!! When did they call you ? I still haven't heard. Also wish I could help with interview stuff but I have no idea.

    Do you live in CO are all interviews in person?
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  11. by   chloemichelle8
    I live in California now, dying to move to CO. I think they're all in person because they know I'm out of state but didn't mention anything via skype or internet in any way. I am SHOCKED that I got a phone call. They said we were supposed to hear back by July 14th so I had entirely given up hope and practically screamed when I got the call.
  12. by   ald09010
    Ughhh ya same I'm in CT dieing to move to CO... i know it's been so long!!!... I hope I get a call this week, fingers crossed!! Thanks for the info
  13. by   chloemichelle8
    Let me know if/when you do!! What units did you pref?