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  1. 0 Since no one responded to my question about clinicals at Excelsior I called the school and spoke with a counselor (which I could have done that in the 1st place) he said that there are no clinicals that you complete your degree by taking 7 exams at $155.00 a piece, but they give you resources such as: internet, books, and other sources to use to study for these exams.
    My question is, will anyone hire you as a RN if you never did clinicals? How do you know how to draw blood or start and IV? If anyone has any comments please respond. I have taken the majority of my prereq's from a local college, but did not want to wait 3 or more years to get into the nursing program.
    Any comments will be appreciated just looking for some guidance.
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    Gosh - I think every state has requirements for clinicals in order to take the NCLEX. Before you spend your money, I would make one more phone call or go online to your states board of nursing. good luck...
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    Thanks for the information! I will contact the State Boards, they should know.
    Once again thanks.