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Applying to UC - Denver for Spring 2014 UCAN Program

  1. 3 Hello Everyone,

    I started this thread for everyone applying to the University of Colorado Denver University of Colorado Accelerated Nursing program starting in January 2014. This will be my third time applying, so I'm hoping the third time is the charm! The application is due June 15th. I also had interviews for the last two cycles and saw that the interview is tentatively scheduled for July 26, 2013. Is anyone else applying this cycle? I look forward to sharing the ups and downs of the admission cycle this time around!
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    I am also applying for UCAN Spring 2014. I am working on my essay right now and having some difficulties putting together something that I am satisfied with. Any tips? You got to the interview so that is a good sign.
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    I just turned in my application a few days ago. I don't have any high expectations because I don't have a very high gpa. But I do feel pretty good about my essay. Now it's just time to wait until July 15 th to see if I get an interview.
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    sk8tergurl164, One person who got in (lucky ) told me he focused on how he would be excellent nurse in his essay. He described how his current position as an EMT prepared him, and how his personality characteristics would make him a good fit with nursing. I am planning on rewriting my essay for the next application cycle to focus more on myself and less on nursing in general. Jenbun02, most people who have told me their grade point averages who were accepted actually had much lower GPAs than I do (3.4-3.6), so I think the admissions people definitely heavily consider the essay and interview, so you stand a good chance at getting in!
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    Hello. I am also applying for this program. I haven't completed my application but will be finishing my essay soon. I really hope to get in! I am applying to Regis too. Does anyone know CU's tuition vs Regis Tuition? I am meeting with two graduates of the CU accelerated program next week, I will be sure to post any helpful information.
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    The people on here make the competition seem incredibly tough. I have a 3.65 undergrad GPA (not in colorado)with a few community college classes taken in high school that have a GPA of 3.2ish. I have been working in research for 5 years, have publications, volunteered in hospitals and overseas and have a degree in Microbiology. It seems unfair that all they look at are a GPA, classes taken and Essay. I'm missing an anatomy course which I am trying to take this fall. I even work on campus.

    Even with all that I feel inferior now reading a lot of this stuff. It almost sounds like they want people with stats better than most medical schools.

    I did an okay job of sneaking my accomplishments into my essay, which I think may help.
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    IWillGetAccepted, I think that Regis has much higher tuition than CU. From what I could find on their websites: Regis comes in at $96,000 ($750 per credit hour x 128 hours) compared to CU in state at $22,440 ($340 per credit hour x 66 hours). After the tuition you would have to add all the additional fees. To me elliot237 you sound very accomplished! I work at an IT company now, but my husband thinks part of the reason I was turned down twice is that my first Bachelors Degree was in History. Maybe the Microbiology undergrad would make you more competitive? I certainly think the publications would!
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    Yes the stats do seem higher than medical school? Is this really the case?
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    It does seem getting into medical school may be easier. Today I am feeling really worried about my application. My BA is in political science. Does anyone know of many applicants who were accepted with an undergrad degree in a totally different field? Thank you Colorado Hopeful for the cost breakdown of both Regis and CU. Regis is so expensive! I actually looked at Metro's accelerated nursing program today. None of my science prerequisites would be accepted because I took them online. Does anyone know if Regis accepts online courses? A few more weeks and we should hear back about interviews!
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    elliot237 I feel inferior too. Your stats seem great, and seeing that you have done so much research is sure to catch their attention. I haven't heard many people say they have published work!
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    Hi, just had to jump in. I'm currently attending Regis' accelerated program and cost is 45,000 for the one year program. Not cheap but not 96000! Good luck all!
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    I agree that essay is key, maybe focus on the varied roles of nurses and what you can do with the degree, I think the university appreciates that knowledge as well as a willingness to think outside the role of a traditional nurse. I'm starting this Summer and don't like revealing GPA, though I will say that I did quite well in school and have both a bachelors and masters in a Social Science. Good luck, and I'd be happy to offer feed back or a answer questions as it is in line with the colleges policies. Good luck to all of you!!
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    Hey All - I am applying to the UCAN program, Regis and Samuel Merritt University here in the Bay Area. I am not as confident about getting into the UCAN program as my statistics grade was quite low and references aren't required. However, fingers crossed. I just cleaning up my essays now. Best of luck to you all!