2 years experience Wage/Job Prospects

  1. I am looking to move to either the Denver or Colorado Springs area. I have 2 years RN experience and 1.5 in the NICU. When I would move I will have my BSN, I am also NRP, BLS, STABLE, and ACLS certified. What kind of wages/salary can I expect in these areas?Will I have any troubles finding a job?
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  3. by   pjsmom
    I think you will have pretty good luck getting in somewhere. There are always jobs in your field posted. Just have a great resume and polished interview.

    As for pay... Cut a pasted from a thread above....

    With just under 3 years experience this is what I have recently been quoted.
    $29 Denver Health
    $25 Health Once
    $29 Centura
    $29 Hospice of Denver

    No sure where Exempla falls, and I am not sure how Health One can pay SO terrible!
  4. by   nurse2033
    I have worked in the University system, PVH, MCR, Exempla, Swedish, BCH, and LUH. By far I would recommend Children's. Everyone I know who has worked there thinks it is a great employer. Denver Health would be a distant second choice. All the other systems (Exempla, Centura, Health One, University) have become large corporate, money machines. Feel free to email me for details. Also Exempla doesn't include any reproductive coverage in their health plans for employees (owned by nuns).
  5. by   JRich
    Thank you both so much for the information. I was looking online at some of the hospitals. I can't wait to start applying. Childrens sounds like the best choice. Thank you both so much!
  6. by   klone
    I've worked in the NICUs at Children's as well as University, and I prefer the culture and atmosphere at Children's. A lot more collegiality there.