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The article below is long but a good reference to support why unions are best practice. Nursing Journal Study Shows Nurses Unions Improve Patient Outcomes in Hospitals. Patients Treated for Heart Attacks Have Lower... Read More

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    Sigh, it's been so long....

    I was hoping for something with more current "evidence."

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    did you see the date on this one from post #109 that concluded that with the union sponsored california ratios, nj would 14%, pa 11% fewer deaths. ratios also boost rn retention and increase time for patient care?
    a major new study led by one of the nation's most eminent nurse researchers provides compelling new evidence that california's landmark rn-to-patient staffing law reduces patient mortality, assures nurses more time to spend with patients, and substantially promotes retention of experienced rns.
    cna/nnu, sponsor of law, cites major gains for patient safety, rn shortage.
    cna/nnu, the nation's largest organization of direct care rns with 155,000 members, sponsored the california law and has fought off repeated hospital industry attempts to erode it, including a well-chronicled fight with gov. arnold schwarzenegger who sought to roll back the law in late 2004.
    the study, published today by the influential policy journal, health services research, was conducted by university of pennsylvania researchers led by linda aiken, rn, ph.d. , director of the center for health outcomes and policy research at the university of pennsylvania school of nursing. - http://www.calnurses.org/media-center/press-releases/2010/april/the-evidence-is-in-california-rn-to-patient-ratios-save-lives.html?print=t
    link to the study published april 20, 2010:

    tens of thousands of nurses worked for years to achieve the safe staffing law. of course the union law also saves lives at non union hospitals. 
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    Quote from Woodenpug
    Sigh, it's been so long....

    I was hoping for something with more current "evidence."
    Do you feel that way about the effectiveness of polio vaccine and whether or not it really prevents the disease, or whether the use of a parachute prevents injury among those who engage in the sport of skydiving?
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    Cool, I know you both love unions. So how would this "stuff" actually convince anyone?

    No evidence exist to support the original proposition. Those who follow, will find it easier to join a union. Others will think for themselves.

    I directly stated why those studies were flawed and received no answer to my objections. Later the study is re-posted.
    I only require anyone to look at your "evidence," to see the reality. You require that they take your word for it. Or, that the overwhelming length of the post will convince someone.
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