nurses and the union in fl

  1. Recently in a meeting we have been told that we may now have a choice in joining a union within our hospital. We live in a state that has for the most part forbidden even the discussion of such. How do you feel about your union and which one do you have and does it help you and in what ways? I worked in NJ and belonged to a union and they saved my job, I feel very strongly that it is a good thing. Any feedback on which ones work and how it gets started from the beginning?
    I think some of the nurses are afraid they will lose their jobs if they talk about it. There are many disgruntled nurses and we have lost many of them to other local hospitals, we are in need of CHANGE!
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    The union has negotiated a contract for me that I cannot be mandated. And now that my facility, among others, is the focus of cost cutting with the sword of Damacles hanging over all our heads, I am very happy to belong to a union.
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    Hi! We have a forum decicated to Unions and Collective bargaining. I'm going to move this thread there. Take a look around.

    The Union has recently passed at a local hospital. I know a couple of people that work there. So far people aren't impressed and haven't seen any results, but it's only been a year.
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