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this is a study of all woman workers, not nurse specific, but is still pretty thought provoking - and nothing really new as it is similar to numerous other studies over the years. here's the brief report i saw: ... Read More

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    Stanley, you are an aide? Why is it that you work in a non-union facility if you feel that unions are superior? Just curious. There are many facilities out there.

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    Quote from Californiasunshine
    Stanley, you are an aide? Why is it that you work in a non-union facility if you feel that unions are superior? Just curious. There are many facilities out there.

    1. My name says RN2B -> RN Too Be

    2. There are no union facilities here in my area.

    3. I work at a nonprofit, private pay military based continuing care center. Nonprofit and military based. Prior military leadership (CEO, etc). The military model is superior than civilian models. That's just me though.

    4. I was (well technically still am) in the IBEW. I've SEEN the work from union and nonunion shops. It gets old not being given contracts because we are 'too expensive' but then get contracted to come back and fix the work done poorly by nonunion shops.

    5. More unions are good than bad. You can't equate a few doing poorly or doing things they shouldn't to all of the rest of them.

    6. Unions aren't perfect. They should change and evolve. For instance, the IBEW ended up changing many things it wanted with the times. High wages are nice butthey aren't the only thing. It's a give and take. People however aren't perfect. Some get greedy. However, the number of greedy for profit corporations far exceeds the number of greedy unions.

    7. There ARE good nonunion employers. Sure, but they are not the norm and we all know that. Those places where EVERYONE loves to work and no one leaves. My employer is like that. The people that are here have been here in terms of decades not years. But, in my time as an aide I've NEVER run into a facility like this before. 9 years to find this place...

    8. No one can stick up for themselves. We've all been railroaded by a bad employer. The only choices you have is to take it or leave. That's not a choice.

    9. Yes, there are bad employees in the unions AND it can be a pain to get rid of them. I agree that should be changed. Not all unions are like that though. Some specifically boot these people.

    10. This can go on forever. In the long run though we benefit MORE by having unions than by not having them. Should we change them? Yes, but that falls on the membership. The membership IS the union. If a union is doing bad things it is ONLY because the membership allows it.
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    just a reminder....

    please focus on the topic and not each person..

    we promote the idea of lively debate. this means you are free to disagree with anyone on any type of subject matter as long as your criticism is constructive and polite.

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    I guess when you do become an RN, and I wish you luck, you may see some things that you are not seeing right now.
    working with the military is something that I have never done, but have heard no different then what you have stated.

    And you are right, we can go on forever and i can state facts about unions and why at this point in time I feel we need to move forward as professionals, because our strength is in our professionalism not in unionism. My opinion as a professional and a former union advocate speaks to that.

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