I Love My Union

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    I posted a new thread months ago when I was first hired on at my current job. At that time, I was offered to join the union (persuaded not to join, more or less), then a few months later, voila - all LVNs in my facility were automatically joining the union!

    Now, currently, I have filed a grievance and couldn't be happier that my union and union rep has my back. I really do feel protected and cared about by this union. : (can't say i'm particularly happy about why i had to file a grievance, but oh well)

    Honestly, the way things were going at my facility, I would have felt lost, alone, bullied, and basically screwed if I wasn't in this union. So, I am super Pro union...I wish I could stay in this union for the rest of my nursing career - totally worth the dues every month!!!

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    im jellous...stop bragging please!
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    Sounds like you're in the honeymoon phase. All of the bad stuff I've heard about unions has come from union members.
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    theres no way around it.....unions have good, bad, and ugly sides.
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    Good, bad and ugly yes, there are unions that have some, all or none of the proceeding. In my experience there is considerably more good then bad with unions in the nursing profession.
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    different unions are as different as different hospitals or different nurses. Anything one says as a generalization about "all unions" is just as invalid as anything one might say about "all nurses".
    I'm really proud of my union and proud of the work that I do as a volunteer shop steward to make it work better. There are a lot of nurses at my facility who are mighty glad we are there. But I also know there are unions that don't do a very good job for their members. It all really boils down to remembering that, when things work like they should, a union is a membership driven organization - the more people get involved and engaged in their union the better it works.
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