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Ho Ho Ho... DEC 24, close to 5000 RNs will strike for one day...... Read More

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    I have been one of those very qualified (not joking) "scab" nurses at two Sutter facilities. Somehow, Sutter has a "strike fund" from which the "scab" nurses gets paid. The "scab" nurse never sees what it cost in airfare to fly 300 nurses from all over the country to Oakland for the strike in April. Nor do they see what it cost for the hundreds of hotel rooms (some at a very expensive hotel) or the security, etc. You could probably double what the "scab" nurse makes to calculate what the agency/ies actually got paid ! Don't even get me started on what the negotiations cost in attorney fees!

    As an observer, I supposed that the "take aways" have been very serious for the nurses to be repeatedly striking since September 2011.

    Testa, thanks for giving us an inside view of what these very expensive strikes are about. I heard about the greedy CEO making a disgustingly-high salary while Sutter expects their nurses to take care of much sicker patients and document all the care you provide. Where is their accountability to the public?

    It seems Sutter has yet to figure out: in order to give excellent bedside care, the nurses must be treated fairly and compensated adequately! #getting off my soapbox now#

    I agree that they should start the cuts with the seriously-overinflated CEO's salaries.
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    Quote from Enthused_Nurse2B
    In the Los Angeles area, wages for new grad RNs are already down to $29/hour.
    I wish I made that wage.
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    @WittySarcasm: Have you lived on your own in the LA Area for $29 an hour while working full-time? Very hard to do. TR
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