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This is brand new - the vote count just finished minutes ago - and I have no more info than that bare fact, but nurses at another Texas hospital - only the second in the state (so far) have chosen... Read More

  1. by   PICUPNP
    So this is a HCA facility? Same chain in Houston that organized? Ahh, now I see the light.....
  2. by   PICUPNP
    Quote from Shannon Doggett
    Local newspapers are reporting that management was prevented from talking with nurses about the union because of an agreement HCA made with the union. So, the nurses only heard what the union told them. I guess it isn't surprising that the nurses voted to go union, but I'm not sure that being forced to vote based on one-sided information is an example of people exercising their rights. Certainly, it isn't an example of nurses taking back our profession. Instead, it looks to me like an example of nurses being sold out by their employer to a union - because now they'll have to pay dues in order to take part in any union votes.
    This is exactly what happened in Houston. Anti union nurses being forced to wage their campaign from a closet space somewhere in the hospital. You can believe what you read in the papers...
  3. by   Chico David RN
    Quote from PICUPNP
    So this is a HCA facility? Same chain in Houston that organized? Ahh, now I see the light.....
    This is an HCA facility, the one in Houston is a Tenet facility - different chain.
  4. by   herring_RN
    del sol nurses vote to join union

    by vic kolenc \ el paso times
    posted: 05/28/2010 12:00:00 am mdt

    el paso -- registered nurses at del sol medical center have voted to be represented by a national nurses union.
    in an election tuesday and wednesday, 205 registered nurses voted to join the national nurses organizing committee-texas/national nurses united union, and 78 voted against the union, according to the national labor relations board. the agency oversaw the election.
    eighty-four nurses eligible to be represented by the union did not vote, according to del sol information.
    last week, registered nurses at las palmas medical center, del sol's sister hospital, also voted 151-71 to join the nurses union. both hospitals are owned by hca inc., a national hospital chain...

    ...monica sanchez, a registered nurse at del sol and an organizer for the nurses union, said, "everyone is really excited to be part of a union. we need a stronger voice, a collective voice to be able to provide better care, safer care for patients."
    sanchez said she wanted a union because she sees that as a way to get a contract stipulating lower patient loads for nurses at the hospital, "for the good of patients."...
  5. by   Modell116
    Thought we were heading to Florida next and were geared up for this week. anyone know what happened?
  6. by   Shannon Doggett
    Apparently as the NNOC organizing bus was headed toward Florida it broke down in western Kansas - you're organizing in KC now. Try to keep up . . .
  7. by   Modell116
    Kinda funny! knew KC was on the agenda but also knew we had given notice in FL and then cancelled two days before. guess it doesnt matter where we win first!
  8. by   Patricia B, RN
    Quote from PICUPNP
    #1 I'm not about denying anyones right to collectively organize and bargain. I am against unions. My opinion, not others.

    #2 Smugly proud...Hmmm.

    #3 What union people think of me has no bearing on me or my practice. Sticks and stones.......

    #4 My politics...I have no politics. I don't vote by choice in any election, presidential or otherwise.

    #5 Yes. I would definitely cross a picket line at my hospital or any other where patients need care! If that makes it harder for nurses here or there to organize, so be it. Its not about money or unions, its about caring for those who need it when union idiots walk out on their patients.
    Then do it without pay ...
  9. by   traveler1965
    Quote from Patricia B, RN
    Then do it without pay ...
    Why without pay??
  10. by   nicurn001
    Quote from traveler1965
    Why without pay??

    If you are crossing picket lines simply for the patients , caring for those " abandoned " patients should be reward enough for your soul , why quibble about the little things , such as money , surely that lowers you to the level of the strikers, who , as we all know are only in it for the money !.
  11. by   nicurn001
    The often used reason given by strike breaking nurses for crossing picket lines , is that they are racing in to save the patients from being abandoned by the mercenary union nurses going on strike for , heaven forbid ! , money .A motivation that never would cross their altruistic minds .The lie to that is seen in the threads where a poster has brought attention to a recruitment for strike breakers , the responses , from potential strike breakers usually boil down to how much money can I get ? and how do I sign up to get some of that .
    As a union has to give prior notice of a strike , the management is aware of a potential strike , they make an economic decision upon how much to pay strike breakers . If that sum is not enough to attract enough staff then it is a MANAGEMENT decision to either keep the facility open with inadequate staffing , raise they amount they are prepared to offer strike breakers or actually negotiate a resolution to the bargaining .
  12. by   RN1980
    well, here is one southern conservative who is stongly in favor for union representation for nurses. me thinks picupnp is a pinkerton agent of old.
  13. by   CSTCFA
    Well I work in the hospital across the street from Rio Grande Regional. I have to say im not surprised they went union. We share a lot of the same doctors and staff. Let me tell you, a lot of people here are tired of the way doctors are treating nurses and other staff. Now with Doctors Hospital at Rennaisance in full operation, management are cutting hours and just plain bullying staff. We went from working 80 in two week to 72 and now want us to come in at 645 instead of 630. Mandatory late stay, mandatory overtime, no uniform allowance, no hospital laundered scrubs for staff not even surgery. I wish the union would come across the street to us!!!