1st contract after "right to work" legislation

  1. For any of you that have been through this, what, in a general sense can I expect to see? I just took a transfer to another facility for E.D. and it is contract time in June. Michigan just passed the "right to work" legislation. If you have read up on this or seen it first hand, what is the first thing that management 'goes after?'
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  3. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    Our contract is up in June and we have a tentative contract that has been ratified--it would seem the contract has mostly stayed the same with a couple of improvements. I was actually surprised, there has been a lot of change at our facility recently, it's been hard times for our community, so I wasn't expecting to keep our stuff, especially with the new right-to-work legislation.
  4. by   shermrn
    Right to Work should have a positive influence on your contract, it forces the union to work harder so you will remain a member. Unions have salaries and other financial obligations and should be willing to work to keep their membership up and recruit new members.

    I am generally anti union but am forced to be a member in order to keep my job. Right now I am mostly happy with what they provide and would join any way if this were a right to work state.
  5. by   MatrixRn
    I would have to agree. In that area it was all unionized and now the folks have the ability to opt out. The ability to opt out means the union will need to step up, listen to the real concerns of its potential members and act upon them.