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I just finished a CNA training course and will be taking the state test soon, so I'm also working on a resume. I have extensive experience and a bachelor's degree in another field. However, I have not been working for a while... Read More

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    Thank-you so much for the resume copy! I will definitely let you know what I think. I know that Karma is a great thing.....you will be Blessed for all the help you are giving new CNA's! Good Deeds NEVER go un-noticed!

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    Quote from garose1895
    Can you email me the resume too missmolly? I am in the same situation, work history, but none that is relevent to being a CNA.

    I wrote this before I saw your latest reply ............. thanks anyway

    You don't need a resume as a CNA, especially if your work experience has no relevance. I'm sure potential employers would LOVE to know you are proficient in bed making and peri care, but your CNA certification speaks for itself. You are certified to do a certain set of tasks. You don't need a resume.

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