Will working at a Assistant Living Facility look good on a resume

  1. Hi all. So last week i applied for a residents assistant job at a ALF and 4 days later got a call back for an interview. and a few days after that i got the job. I was wondering would this be a good first job or would working in a LTC be better for a first job. Thanks
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  3. by   tomc5555
    Congratulations on the job offer. I would take it certainly. I think it's a great first job to have.I tried to get LTC positions and concurrently got a home care job. Now I don't think I want full time LTC, I love my hospice clients.Good luck!
  4. by   breezycna

    I applied at an ALF after being licensed as a CNA, and they wanted to hire me as a dietary aide with a secondary position as a CNA. They called it a "universal" position. Luckily the LTC facility I'm at now called me (it's the position I wanted anyway, as I did my clinicals there). A perk to being in LTC, at least in Wisconsin where I'm at, is that you can get a reimbursement of CNA course tuition/costs up to a certain amount but it has to be pretty soon after you complete the course and receive your state license. Just make sure you're meeting your state's requirements to maintain your license at this facility.

    I wish you the best.
  5. by   jose2010
    Thanks for the replies. When i went for the interview they told me you don;t have to be certified in order to work here. Anyway i start working 2morrow 2nd shift. ANd breezy good luck at the new job